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Vermont 41st State to Legalize Silencers

ASA Map EFFECTIVE JULY 2 Its official: Vermont is the 41st state to make silencers legal for private possession. Governor Peter Schumlin signed H. 5 into law on June 17th and the new law will go into effect on July 2. Thanks to Rep. Patrick Brennan and the American Suppressor Association for the work they did to bring this law to fruition. The bill passed both the Senate and the House with ease thanks to the work of Rep. Brennan, Sen. John Rogers and Rep. David Deen. Together they were able to gain support for the bill.  For now, silencers are restricted to “sport shooting ranges” as defined in 10 V.S.A. § 5227(a); however the ASA has vowed to return to Vermont next year to work on making silencers legal for hunting.  Currently, silencers are legal for hunting in 35 states. Minnesota's silencer hunting law takes effect in August. We look are proud of the ASA for working to add Vermont to that list next year. Silencer Shop will be attending an event in Vermont hosted by the ASA on July 2 to celebrate the bill taking effect. A thanks goes out to all of the people and organizations that worked to see your rights restored in Vermont, including the American Suppressor Association, the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation and the National Rifle Association, as well as the elected officials who worked on the bill. If you haven’t considered joining the ASA, please do so. They fight for your NFA rights in all 50 states. Since formation, 13 states have legalized suppressor hunting, 9 states have passed “Shall Sign” or “Shall Certify” legislation, and two states have amended their ownership laws.  Join the ASA here.   

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