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Ti-RANT 9mm … White Edition?

We had a customer come in yesterday with this Ti-RANT 9.  I have to admit that it looks pretty sweet! Unfortunately, he actually stripped the finish off by accident using MPro-7.  (At least it started off as an accident - then he stripped it all off to make it look uniform.) Since we have some MPro-7 here in the shop, I decided to run a test on one of our demo Ti-RANTs to see if we could get the same result.  I let it soak for 60 seconds and then tried to scrub it off with a white cloth - and the cloth didn't even turn black - so I'm guessing this same finish must not be on all the Ti-RANTs. Regardless, there are a couple of lessons I would take away here:
  1. If you like your suppressor's finish - keep harsh chemicals away.  (We've also had similar results with a sonic cleaner stripping off the suppressor finish.)
  2. If you want a 'White Edition' suppressor, then MPro-7 may not be a bad place to start. :)

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