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It’s time to submit comments on proprosed NFA rule changes!

As many of you may have heard, the ATF recently published a proposed rule that, if adopted, would place new and cumbersome requirements on purchases of NFA items, including silencers, by trusts and other entities.  The proposed rule would require each person listed on a trust to submit fingerprints and photographs, and to obtain a “sign-off” from their chief law enforcement officer (“CLEO”).  As many of you have personally experienced, obtaining a CLEO sign-off is virtually impossible in many parts of the country.  CLEO’s often withhold their signatures based purely on either a lack of department resources, or their own political philosophies or biases regarding firearm ownership - not because the buyer is prohibited from owning the item. Historically, our customers have used trusts and other entities as an accepted and lawful means to acquire suppressors.  We believe that if this proposed regulation passes, many of our law-abiding customers will no longer be able to obtain these hearing-saving devices; and, consequently, we are taking a stand to fight the proposed rule.  Silencer Shop has engaged an international law firm to draft a public comment to publicize the significant negative impacts of the proposed regulation and to oppose the regulation as both unnecessary and illegal. We also encourage our customers and friends to file thoughtful comments opposing the proposed rule.  You may file a comment online any time before December 9, 2013 by visiting:!documentDetail;D=ATF_FRDOC_0001-0016 Please take some time to make your comment well-reasoned and fact intensive; submitting rants and generalized, unsupported statements are often satisfying but ultimately ineffective. Some areas you might consider writing on include:
  • Your personal experiences in trying to obtain a CLEO sign-off
  • The difficulty, burden, and cost you would have getting a CELO sign-off, fingerprints, and photos for each person listed on your trust
  • The reason you chose to use an entity rather than going the estate route, such as estate planning
  • How you and your family benefit from owning a silencer.
Silencer Shop is dedicated to supporting our customers and working to protect their rights to lawfully acquire silencers without unreasonable and senseless regulatory obstacles.  Today, with your help and support, we continue our fight.

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