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Thunder Beast 30CB models are coming!

BOTLRR-8138The new Thunder Beast 'Compact Brake' suppressors are, quite possibly, the most highly anticipated precision suppressors of the year.  We expect to have these in stock within the next few days. What Thunder Beast has done is to redesign their previous generation brake to be more effective at reducing recoil - while providing a better "lock up" with the suppressor and also improving the looks.  The new compact brakes provide the same rock-solid POI repeatability that Thunder Beast has become known for. The new brake is available on the following models:
  • Thunder Beast 30CB9 - This is the full size model for maximum suppression
  • Thunder Beast 30CB7 - This is a mid-size model for a balance between suppression and size
  • Thunder Beast 30CB5 - The 5" model is considered a 'moderator' because it isn't hearing safe - but it will provide some suppression and reduced recoil
Other than the mounting system, the new CB models are unchanged from the previous generation 'BA' suppressors - which is good news for existing owners! Thunder Beast has an adapter that will let previous suppressors mount onto the new brakes, and is even swapping out existing brakes if they are still in new condition. Even though the suppressors haven't changed, I think most customers will agree that the new mounting system is definitely a step forward compared to the previous generation. Be sure to check out our clearance prices on the remaining inventory of Thunder Beast 'BA' products: the 30BA and 30BAS!

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