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P2X-A-BK-tactical.jpgHave you been eyeing a Surefire flashlight lately - then this is a great chance to win one! For people who have been following our new website over the last few weeks, you probably noticed that you can now write silencer reviews - as well as reviews for any other product we sell. This gives you an opportunity to get your opinion out there - both good and bad, to help guide your fellow shooters as they walk through the process of selecting their suppressor. To kick things off, we're currently running a contest where every product review you write will put you in the running for one of 20 Surefire flashlights that we're giving away this month.  Those are great odds if you're a flashlight geek like we are!  And we're not talking about the crummy lights either (although, I'm not sure there is a crummy Surefire flashlight) - there's one X400 Ultra in the pot! All we ask is that you provide honest input about your experiences with the products.  Please don't use profanity, or slander anybody - or your review won't be approved. To make sure we can contact the winners, be sure to add some contact info (either email or phone) as part of your profile on our website. Enjoy the new site!  

20 responses to “Share your silencer reviews!”

  1. Jerry SoRelle says:

    Had my Silencerco SpecWar 5.56 for a couple of months now, have ran around 1000 rds through it. It gets better and better. The best thing is the flash hider mount, I have them mounted on 4 different firearms. Quick change from one to the other, no thread caps to keep up with and each has the flash hider left on for unsuppresed shooting if desired. Would not have any other type mount. SpecWar 5.56 quiet, convient on and off what else could you ask for. Love it and highly recommend them..

  2. Peter R says:

    Just posted reviews for the SWR Spectre II(love this thing), and the Huntertown Arms Kestrel .308 (great package, holds high value).

    Great products with the lowest prices Ive seen or heard.
    Thank you for looking out for this average Joe and the firearms community fellas, top notch.

  3. Kirby Frank says:

    I don’t have my silencer yet but I just want to say this is the best place to get one!!You guys make it so easy and very helpfull!! My next one is going to be purchased soon from you guys!!Thanks for your help!!

  4. Ron Gilbert says:

    I have purchased a supressor the hard way but never again. I was blown away at how easy the folks at Silencer Shop made the entire process. Set up a trust – done, super simple! Ger a Vers 50 supressor for my Beo 50 – done, super simple. Help me through the paperwork – done!! The hardest par was waiting for the BATF to do their part. SS even made that part as easy as possible with updates on what was getting processed and solid info posted on what to expect and when. I was stoked when I got an email from them today stating that my tax stamp has arrived. Complete and easy instructions were included on the email. As usual.

    On a side note – an email with a question about the NFA process resulted in a quick return call from one of the good folks at SS. These guys go out of their way to help people.

    I appreciate your efforts SS. I will be ordering again soon and have already told plenty where they need to go when they get ready to pull the trigger on a supressor.

  5. Frank says:

    Great idea! Since it’s such a time commitment, it’s nice to find first hand reviews of products so you know you’re making the best choice. I also want to call out James Willi in Austin, TX recommended on your gun trust lawyer support link. He saw me right away and walked me through the process first hand. Extremely nice and personable. I recommended him to two other friends and they had the same positive experience.

  6. Gildardo Bravo says:

    Had my SWR Octane 45 for a while now and honestly I could not be happier, the fact that it is user serviceable and that it extremely well made shows that this will be a suppressor that will last a lifetime.

  7. Mike J. says:

    I’ve had my AAC Prodigy for about 4 months now and its run trouble free on my Ruger SR-22. Every time I shoot this combination in front of family or friends, the first comment that comes out of their mouths is “how quiet it is” and this is with super sonic ammo! I can’t fully express how happy I am with not only the product, but with the service I received from the guys at Silencer Shop. Thanks again!

  8. Aaron Ewing says:

    I have been enjoying my silencerco sparrow for about 9 months now. It is a great rimfire can. With the right ammo it is near Hollywood quiet. I chose Silencer Shop because of your excellent customer service and price. I like the sparrow so much that I’m now waiting on approval for a spec war 556.

  9. Ron says:

    I really appreciate your new website. I had some questions on the products and got the answers. Thanks for the info about setting up a gun trust, that was especially helpful. Thanks again.

  10. Rick says:

    Love my SAKER 556. just wish the e-forms site didn’t go down right after it arrived at my FFL. I so can’t wait to use it and I visit it every week or so lol

  11. Les S. says:

    My silencer was transfered to my FFL back in March, and I’m about 1.5 months into the wait with the ATF. I can’t comment on my Specwar 5.56 yet (although I’ve seen about every video on YouTube), but the process couldn’t have been simpler. LegalZoom for the trust, Silencer Shop for the silencer. I never had any clue it was this easy, and all I had to do was place it in the cart and pay, they did the rest. Now I’m looking for a supressor for my Glock!

  12. Richard Landis says:

    When I first started looking to purchase a can, what I found was a lot of misinformation, then I found SS. SS, what you provided was straight forward, no non-sense facts and fantastic help and service for a first time can buyer. It has been many months since I placed my order, BUT – I hope to be in Austin this week to pick up my M4-2000 as I now have a copy of the tax stamp. With the help, service and great truthful information for everyone I spoke to at SS over these past many months I am looking forward to my next purchase.

    Thanks again – – – –

  13. Ryan says:

    Went in last week and was not really sure which product was right for my needs, and both guys at the counter answered all the question I had. Ended up getting the saker 7.62 and can’t wait for it to come it! Let the waiting begin! Thanks guys for a great deal and great customer service.

  14. says:

    I will be making the drive to the storefront tomorrow morning to pick up my Silencerco Sparrow SS. They were extremely helpful in making my selection, and then making it easy to do! Their phone staff, knowledge, product selection, and pricing are top notch! I will buy from them again!

    • Ed says:

      I made it down to Austin yesterday as planned. What a slick operation. It was packed with happy customers picking up their silencers, and it was all running smoothly. Folks filling out their transfer forms on the pc, the shop guys grabbing the hardware and doing the transfers quickly. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes!

      I threw the Silencerco Sparrow SS on my Kidd barreled 10/22 and am ready to test it out.

      Thanks Silencer Shop!

  15. Benjamin ulbricht says:

    I purchased a AAC SDN-6 and Tirant45. Of all my suppressor purchases, this was super smooth, say to select my dealer, and quick form 3 transfer. Communication was to on, and having taken the suppressors out, I am thrilled with my purchases. Looking forward to buying an AAC Mini4 and Tirant 9s next. Want to thank you for the great service and excellent prices!

  16. DW says:

    Just received my new SUREFIRE Flashlight. I just happened to be a light geek too. Thanks for everything.

    FYI….I was considering buying a Silencerco Harvester. When I was at my local class 3 dealer, I mentioned it and he has them in stock. If I purchase from him, his price is $225 MORE!!!

    You guys are AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work.

  17. says:

    I’ve been buying from Silencer Shop back when the operation was run out of Dave’s home (nice home Btw) and it comes as no surprise to those that know me that I buy my silencers from these guys. The best prices, period, the best customer service, period, and real gun enthusiasts working there. They have always been very polite and quick to assist with any questions I have had over the years. Truly the only shop needed to buy from.

  18. george bill says:

    There is no better tactical light than these period. You can fid cheaper, but when your life is on the line, do you really want to rely on that bargain flashlight?

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