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Suppressed 9mm with +P home defense ammo

This last week we took 3 of our most popular 9mm suppressors and shot them with some +P ammunition.  Typically we tend to shoot with either subsonic ammo or just standard 'white-box' - and we kind of expected the results to be the same with the higher power ammo.  In this case we were surprised by the Octane since it really came out and dominated with the higher power ammo. The suppressors we shot in this test were the AAC Ti-RANT 9, Silencerco 9 Osprey, and SWR Octane 9 HD. Not only did the SWR Octane hold its own - it actually came out on top.  That's even more impressive when you factor in the price! Stay tuned for the upcoming video results; but, in the meantime, we'll include the raw numbers here. We were shooting 10 round strings of Speer 147gr +P ammo with the sound meter setup 1 meter to the left of the muzzle.

Silencerco Osprey

132.1 dB, 133.4 dB, 133.1 dB, 130.6 dB, 131.6 dB, 129.5 dB, 135.7 dB, 130.2 dB, 130.5 dB, 128.5  dB Average: 131.52 dB Median: 131.1 dB


139.8 dB, 132.5 dB, 133.7 dB, 134.1 dB, 135.7 dB, 134.3 dB, 135.2 dB, 133.2 dB, 133.9 dB, 134.7  dB Average: 134.71 dB Median: 134.2 dB

SWR Octane HD

133.0 dB, 129.1 dB, 131.1 dB, 128.2 dB, 132.2 dB, 135.8 dB, 128.1 dB, 132.9 dB, 126.4 dB, 132.1 dB Average: 130.89 dB Median: 131.6 dB


158.1 dB, 159.4 dB, 159.0 dB, 159.6 dB, 159.6 dB, 159.7 dB, 159.5 dB, 159.8 dB, 160.2 dB, 159.8 dB Average: 159.47 dB Median: 159.6 dB

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