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Please submit comments to help stop ATF 41P!

We’ve heard a lot of comments from customers who think ATF 41P is going to happen regardless of what they do.  As a result, it seems like many people aren’t taking the time to submit comments. Remember the beginning of this year when everybody assumed that there would be a new assault weapon ban and there was nothing that could be done?  Nothing came of that; and, with your help, there’s a good chance nothing will come of this either. Even though this new rule change is a result of executive action, that doesn’t mean it’s going to automatically go through.  In many ways, a rule change like this would be just as bad for the NFA Branch as it would be for customers and the industry. Keeping that in mind, PLEASE take just a few minutes to submit a short comment on this rule change.  If we could get thousands of comments – that would be a huge help in keeping this from going into effect. Check out this page for details on submitting a comment; and, once again, please take a few minutes to help us stop this rule change by submitting a comment of your own.

4 responses to “Please submit comments to help stop ATF 41P!”

  1. David W. says:

    Please do not pass ATF 41P please do not make it harder than it already is to obtain a simple personel hearing safety device. I already have suffered some hearing loss due to loud noises and I would like to keep what have left. Thanks,

  2. Mike Lamb says:

    Passing this bill would only harm the law abiding citizen since criminals dont follow the law any ways.

  3. says:

    ATF 41P makes little sense as the registration and ownership of NFA items is already strict. Add to this most of the CLEO in my city and many surrounding cities will not sign individual paperwork for any reason. when I called my CLEO I was told by his admin that he wouldn’t even consider my request.

    At least Kentucky forces CLEOs to sign if the applicant is legally allowed ownership. Without this mandate 41P would restrict many firearms owners and further reduce the benefits of suppressors for hearing protection and just as importantly to reduce noise pollution.

  4. Jason A. says:

    The restrictions on firearms ACCESSORIES are already onerous enough without adding another (insurmountable, in most cases) hurdle for law abiding citizens wishing to enjoy their firearms quietly. The statistical use of NFA items in criminal activity must already be negligible, so what is the point of this redundant regulation?

    European countries with no 2nd Amendment REQUIRE, in some case, suppression of firearms for hunting and sporting use to protect the public. Suppressors should be able to be purchased over-the-counter as an augmentation, or alternative to intrusive forms of hearing protection.

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