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Historically, Silencer Shop & SilencerCo have had an excellent working relationship; but, that started to slip this year for a variety of reasons. Over the last year, lots of great suppressor companies have either come into the market or have finally been able to produce enough product to fill the market demand.  We've worked closely with these companies to help them understand what the market is looking for, as well as getting their message out so customers truly know all the options that are available to them.  It's been an exciting time! Silencer Shop 411 Just look at some of the new products from Sig Sauer Silencers, Griffin Armament, and Rugged Suppressors - and you'll see how fast the technology in this market is improving.  On top of that, many of the more established brands (like Liberty, Thunder Beast, GemTech, SureFire, AAC, and others) are working on new products that will make them more competitive than they've been in years. The true winner when companies are innovating like this is the consumer! We also introduced our Powered By Silencer Shop program that makes it easier for local dealers to sell anything on the market - instead of being locked into just one or two brands.  The program has been a huge success - and we've had extremely positive feedback from our customers, as well as the more than 1,000 dealers who are actively participating (with more joining every day). More recently, we've started working closely with independent reviewers through our new Silencer Shop Authority program - so you can read honest reviews from people who are using the suppressor just like you do.  In the last couple of months, we've already had nearly 50 reviews & videos posted as part of this program. Unfortunately, since we don't just sell one brand, these factors combined to stress the Silencer Shop / SilencerCo relationship to the breaking point. For anybody looking for SilencerCo products, we still have 4 to 6 months worth of most products sitting on the shelf - so we won't be out anytime soon.  We've also dropped & restarted with multiple manufacturers over the years, and we're always open to carrying SilencerCo products again. In the meantime, we will continue to stay focused on our dealers & customers to provide the simplest and most reliable buying experience possible!

36 responses to “SilencerCo / Silencer Shop”

  1. Gabriel says:

    On a different note, are you planning to have a Black Friday sale? Keep up the good work!

  2. Jude says:

    I’ve bought 6 or 7 silencers from you guys, but without SilencerCo or Dead Air, I’m sorry to sat you lost a customer.

    • Dave says:

      I’m very sorry to hear that. We work hard to make every customer’s experience positive – and we hope to earn your business back in the future.

  3. DJ says:

    Sorry to hear about losing silencerco. But I can honestly say it’s their loss. I’m a big SiCo fan, but CANT WAIT to see what’s coming down the pipe from Rugged, Deadair, Sig, etc. next year. Competition in this industry is great to see!!!

  4. James says:

    Silencerco’s lost i have purchased 4 from you in the last year one a Silencerco’s spec11 its nice but really like the variety you have an really love my YHM. Silencers they work great an user service friendly! Thanks Silencer Shop

  5. Mike says:

    Wow! I own several suppressors, but I can say without hesitation Silencerco has the absolute best customer service. I think it will be a loss for both companies.

    • Dave says:

      I agree that it will be a loss for both companies.

      Having said that, it also looks like many of the other manufacturers are stepping up their game right now. It will be interesting to see what this market looks like next year.

  6. Jonathan says:

    I know there are two side to every story but this is a mistake on both parts. I will miss the days when I have a website that offers all 31 flavors. I hope you guys seek to resolve your differences. We “the customers” want one place to compare, one place to buy. I have enjoyed Silencershop videos and no other company dares to compare or go into quite the depth that they do. This is such a niche industry, we should rejoice at all compitition trying to re-invent and re-design with customers in mind but we don’t, we have our guard up and our hands on our wallets. Shame Shame

    • Dave says:

      We completely agree, and hope we are able to work this out. In the meantime, we will continue to provide as much detailed product information and videos as we can.

  7. Hunter McGaughey says:

    I have been on the waiting list for a 7.62 Surefire Socom rc 2 for a very long time. Wondering if you guys even use your email requests to field orders??
    I’ve called several times only to get the run around first with rc1 now with rc2
    Does anyone from the silencershop want to sell me one??
    I already have a trust with other nfa items. What is the problem???

    • Dave says:

      We do have lots on order and have actually been out to talk to Surefire about delivery schedules over the last couple of months. We’re sorry about the delay on those RC2’s – but we don’t expect it to be too much longer.

      • DG Smith says:

        Dave why are you so dead set on a Sure fire? Not trying to be a smart ass. I’ve got buddies that are running just about every model of Surefire. 30 cal cans an truly Mya slincerco Omega an Griffin Armament. 30 cans put the Surefire to shame as far as sound suppression an noise signature at 1/2 the price. Some may say the 2 I mentioned above aren’t full auto rated, but do you plan on running a full auto rifle? Probably not.

        • says:

          Actually both the silencers that you mentioned are Full Auto rated as well. Surefires are good silencers also, they just have different features that make them attractive. Such as low POI shift, larger bore for unstable bullets, full Inconel construction etc. Not one silencer will work for everyone or fit their needs, that is why we carry over 170 different silencers 🙂

  8. Jon says:

    Just a suggestion for us simple people,… Is it possible to remove the Silencerco products from your website as to not give false hopes that there might be a possibility that you might have one laying around? If you are out, just remove it from view all together…

    • Dave says:

      I’m sorry for the confusion on that.

      In reality, we have several of most models still available – but they’re in varying statuses with the NFA Branch so we don’t post them for sale until they’re ready to transfer. As they trickle out, we’ll be able to get the website cleaned up – but it will probably take a few months.

  9. Eric says:

    Prior to the dissolution of the relationship, did you happen to get any of the Hybrid available?

    • says:

      No we shot the Hybrid at the Maxim Vice event and decided then not to carry it, this was before the relationship ended. The Griffin Armament Optimus is essentially the same concept but with more mounting options and better sound levels. It can do everything from 300 Win Mag down and 9mm handgun so you only loose the 45. However since the bore size it smaller it gives better performance across the board.

      • RG says:

        That is not essentially the same thing. I am looking for a can that will handle my 45/70 and down. The hybrid looks like just that item. It is a shame that the 2 comp’s can’t resolve their problems. This will amount to lost sales for both involved. I for one will look elsewhere for the hybrid. Pains me to do so because of the ease of which it is to buy from silencershop. Hopefully in the future, both comps will see the error of their ways and get this resolved.

        • says:

          I said it was the same concept. A multi caliber silencer that can work on a pistol. If you have a 45/70 then the Hybrid is a good choice but we have not seen many people that have a threaded gun in that caliber. Hopefully things can be ironed out with SilencerCo in the future. Thanks for the support and stay tuned for new stuff in 2016.

  10. Lamenting the Loss says:

    This is truly sad news so close to the implementation of 41P. The OP is short on details as to why the relationship broke down. Does it have anything to do with SilencerCo’s MAP (minimum advertised price) policy?

    SilencerCo seems to be one of the more innovative brands in the space. I hope you both can reconcile soon.

    I have contacted SilencerCo to communicate my sentiments to them as well.

    • says:

      No it has nothing to do with pricing. Maybe in the future things will change. There are a lot of good brands doing good stuff. 2016 is going to be a great year for silencers.

  11. HoHoHo says:

    My first 2 suppressors were SC, since Nov, I just got AAC and have 2 griffin all on ordered thru SS. If SC wants to pull out of the market, that’s their business. The rest of us will continue to buy what’s available!

  12. bangorman says:

    Sometimes manufacturers in any industry want to try to control retailers far too much, get upset when they offer more budget friendly alternatives etc. Exclusivity agreements are toxic in enterprise from either side, it is also actually anti-free market from a purist perspective. Hopefully silencerCO gets un butthurt and realizes that they alone have brought down AAC from their pedestal as the almighty of suppressors.

    I own several cans including a silencerco osprey45. Great can. They alone are responsible for the large jump of innovation in the suppressor marketplace, and set the benchmark for CS in the industry, something no one has ever disputed.

    Hopefully they realize their mistake and differences are resolved because the best part about silencer shop is that they are the master of innovation and CS on the retailer side of things and the ONLY place i will buy cans and other than my first 2 cans (a tac65 and YHM phantom 7.62 QP Ti) where i have picked up the others. You cannot beat the CS and their helpful nature and blunt honesty is the standard all retailers should follow. Many of us have dealt with local dealers who were tied down by exclusivity deals with various manufacturers or price fixing or just generally biased high pressure sales associates.

    I am the type of consumer who knows what i want, and wants as many options as possible.

    Hope you guys and SilencerCo resolve the problem soon, love seeing unbiased reviews and their innovation.

    All that said, i am looking for a couple allen engineering manufacturing cans to complete some Mk12 builds (since ops inc is for all purposes defunct anymore) and i know the AEM5 is the same exact thing as the 12th model. I know there are other options, some better reduction wise, some with less complex mounts, but it is what i want, as i have the CLE barrels (which have been nitrided) and mounts. Also what i used in my time overseas and in my experience no other can on the market is as precise or has as low of back pressure increase. So any way you guys could bring in some AEM cans, as i would hate to go elsewhere

    • says:

      Very well said. On the Allen Engineering we don’t have any currently in the queue but you never know what could happen.

  13. RetroG says:

    When will companies learn that you can have a pissing contest with your supplier but not your customers? I was looking to buy the lightest, shortest 30 Caliber suppressor I could find, and had decided on the Omega before you dropped Silencerco.

    Guess I’ll go somewhere else. Too bad.

    • says:

      Sorry we couldn’t help you. There are a lot of silencers on the market that meet your criteria besides the Omega.

      • RetroG says:

        Ok, I’ll bite, since I can’t hardly search on weight, tell me which direct thread suppressors from some other major manufacturer (NOT AAC/Remington) is as light as the Omega with the same or better suppression numbers.

        Feel free to contact me via my e-mail, or here.

  14. Sheatub says:

    I am so disenchanted! I just saved up a year’s savings to purchase another 3 suppressors from your store. Last year I purchased a Spectre ii, an .45 Octane, and an Omega ALL from SilenserCo. Today, I am looking to purchase a Warlock, a Sparrow, and a SilenserCo Hybrid. No dice! I was super excited to try your $205 tax stamp program where you fill out the paperwork and I pick up the suppressor from my dealer. Now WHAT? I agree with RG, I was looking for one more rifle suppressor that would handle .44 magnum on down, with 45/70 being an option. Thank’s for the experience; you ran great deals on the SilencerCo accessories that I purchased for the above (end capS, mounts, and flash hiders). Now I will have to look for a new store. That sucks!

  15. Brandon says:

    I came here to purchase a SiCo Hybrid. I’m sorry to find out this way that the relationship between SS and SiCo has ended. I’ll have to find a new store.

  16. Adam says:

    Given the contant strain on the gun community and complex NFA buying process it is a shame that two great companies can’t put aside their differences to satisfy their customers. I buy silencerco suppressors, so I can’t buy from silencershop now. I hope y’all resolve your issues immediately. In the mean time I’m looking at other brands and better retailers who put customers first.

    • says:

      We would like to resolve the issues as well, unfortunately both sides have to be willing to come to the table to talk.

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