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SilencerCo Harvester 300 Blackout Ammo Review

2 We had a chance to take out the new SilencerCo Harvester 300 blackout ammo and compare it against some Remington 300 backout ammo. The results were really impressive. The gun that we tested the ammo with was an AAC MPW with a 12.5” barrel using an Aimpoint and a SilencerCo Specwar 7.62 silencer. We set up the target at 50 yards attached the Magnetospeed and went to work.

Remington 300BLK 220gr                  SilencerCo Harvester 300BLK 220gr

Min Velocity                   953 FPS                                             996 FPS Max Velocity                  1052 FPS                                           1017 FPS AVG Velocity                 1011  FPS                                          1007 FPS Standard Deviation        37  FPS                                              7.6 FPS All numbers gathered were using a Magnetospeed V3 and a string of ten shots per ammo. Which gives a broader spectrum of averages. A better accuracy test will follow when we put a scope on the rifle and group it at 100 yards. IMG_0691 IMG_0684 Accuracy wise the SilencerCo ammo did outperform the Remington ammo. As you can see the group for the SilencerCo was about 1.5in where the Remington hovered at about 2.5in. IMG_0683 The real kicker here is in the numbers displayed above. While average velocities were about the same. The big surprise was the Standard Deviation number on the SilencerCo ammo. Standard Deviation for people that are unaware is how much the velocity will deviate from its average. If you know any long range shooters that reload what they’re really going for in hand loads is a Standard Deviation number in the single digits. That gives them a much higher probability in hitting those targets at longer ranges. Single digit Standard Deviations is usually something you only see in high quality custom or hand loaded ammo. To see it in a factory offering is astonishing. This correlates into 300BLK as well. As you increase the distance it will give you a better probability of hit. SilencerCo lists their ammo as having a velocity of 1029 FPS. We saw a little lower than that but there are several factors that could cause that to change including temperature and altitude. Also they list the standard deviation as +/- 13FPS and our test showed better than that with +/- 7.6FPS which is great. IMG_0682 Overall we were impressed with the performance of the SilencerCo Harvester 300 blackout ammo. While we don’t have any plans of carrying it right know if you have a 300 blackout you should definitely check it out.

2 responses to “SilencerCo Harvester 300 Blackout Ammo Review”

  1. Jayson says:

    Not impressed by this ammo. The 208r Hornady A-max is abeautiful and impressive bullet… Silencerco’s loading is neither. I shot four different types of .300blk ammo out of an unsuppressed 10.5″ AR with an H2 buffer; the Silencerco load was the only one out of the 208gr reload, 220gr Sig Sauer, and 220gr Remington load that failed to lock the bolt back on an empty magazine. I can accept a slightly underpowered load if there are corresponding benefits. However, this failed to be the case. Granted, I didn’t test for MOA accuracy, but the Silencerco load did not seem to be any more accurate than the aforementioned loads (except for the Remington), nor did it seem noticeably quieter when shot suppressed through a Silencerco Saker 7.62 or Omega (and I LOVE both suppressors). Lastly, and probably the most disappointing aspect of the ammo: filler, filler, filler. Holy crap; this ammo left a mess of filler material in/on my gun. Clearly Silencerco could benefit from loading their ammo with a little more powder and a lot less filler, likely without sacrificing sound or accuracy. I will not be buying anymore of this ammunition. Silencerco suppressors? Yes, please! Silencerco sub-sonic .300blk? Pass!!

    • Wolfman says:

      I experienced the exact opposite of the above poster. I found the ammo to be very quiet when shot through a suppressor as compared to the other 4 brands I tried out. Not only was it quiet, but it also cycled the weapon flawlessly. Where I live this ammo can be found for a price of anywhere from $15.99 to $20.00. That alone beats the competition where the next lowest price ammo starts at $24.99. The only ammo that I have shot so far that compares to this ammo in noise level and accuracy is the Sig Sauer Match Grade Subsonic ($26.99)

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