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SilencerCo Conquest Kits

Silencerco_Kit_2_Web Every now and then something comes through the store that gets everybody excited - and these Conquest Kits from SilencerCo are definitely in that camp! Each Conquest Kit is individually made for a specific customer, and contains a custom Pelican case with every single silencer that SilencerCo makes.  The silencers come with custom serial numbers, as well as a full complement of accessories. This is the ultimate kit for any silencer owner! Because of the custom serial numbers, we can't sell these directly; but, for anybody who's interested, be sure to contact SilencerCo. These are seriously cool!

2 responses to “SilencerCo Conquest Kits”

  1. Daniel Megason says:

    I am insterested in the Conquest Kit. What all does this consist of and how much?

    • Gary Groppe says:


      The Conquest Kit consists of all of the Silencerco suppressors and accessories. That is only sold through Silencerco. You would actually need to call them direct for pricing.


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