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Silencer Acronym Guide

Silencer Shop Acronym Guide   The firearm world is wrought with acronyms.  Much of this carries over from a strong influence from the military community (who has an undeniable affinity for shortening bothersome things like writing and speaking). The suppressor industry – as a subset of the much larger firearm industry – is not immune to these shorthand abbreviations. In fact, we have some of our very own.  Some basic, some not so basic. Below is a list of common silencer-related shortcuts for your reference.   2A: Second Amendment… The reason that we have all these awesome acronyms 41F/41P: ATF Final Rule 41F – Background Checks for Responsible Persons – Effective July 13, 2016 AL:  Aluminum AOW: Any Other Weapon ASA: American Suppressor Association ATF (BATFE): Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives BBL: Barrel BCG: Bolt Carrier Group BIL: Silencer Shop’s Buy-It-Local program CLEO: Chief Law Enforcement Officer COO: Chief Operating Officer… We love you Gary. CQB: Close Quarters Battle Db:  Decibel (A measurement of sound) DDs: Destructive Devices DI: Direct Impingement (reference to a gas system common to AR’s) DT: Direct-Thread (F)DE: (Flat) Dark Earth.  A light brown or “earthy” color. FFA: Federal Firearms Act of 1938 FFL: Federal Firearms License (License required to sell firearms) FH: Flash Hider FOPA: Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986 FPS: Feet per Second FRP: First Round Pop FS: Flash Signature GCA: Gun Control Act of 1968 Gr: Grain (a reference to grain weight of projectile/powder) HPA: Hearing Protection Act of 2015 ID: Inner Diameter K: An abbreviation for the German word: “Kurtz.”  Meaning “Short” LH: Left-Hand (common reference when describing thread pitch) see also: RH MB: Muzzle Brake MOA: Minute of Angle NFA: National Firearms Act NFAFA: National Firearms Act Freedom Alliance NICS: National Instant Criminal Background Check System NRA: National Rifle Association NSSF: National Shooting Sports Foundation OAL: Overall Length OD(G): Olive Drab (Green) or Outer Diameter PBSS: Powered By Silencer Shop PDW: Personal Defense Weapon POA: Point of Aim POI: Point of Impact PSI: Pounds Per Square Inch Q:  You’ll have to wait on this one… We’re pretty excited to start using it though. QA: Quick-Attach QD: Quick Disconnect QDC: Quick Disconnect Coupler RH: Right Hand (common reference when describing thread pitch) see also: LH ROF: Rate of Fire SAAMI: Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute SBR: Short-Barreled Rifle SBS: Short-Barreled Shotgun SHOT (SHOT Show): Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show SID: Secure Identity Documentation SOCOM: Special Operations Command SOT: Special Occupational Tax (License required to sell class 3 firearms in addition to FFL) SPR: Special Purpose Rifle SS: Stainless Steel SURG: Suppressor Upper Receiver Group TI: Titanium TIFF: Texas International Firearms Festival TPI: threads per inch   So, there you have it. Although not a comprehensive list, it’s a start. Feel free to comment with acronyms that we may have missed.  As always, we appreciate your support!

2 responses to “Silencer Acronym Guide”

  1. Tom Appell says:

    1. Ft. Lbs. ( Foot pounds)

    2> BC (Ballistic coefficient)

  2. Jacque Eagon says:

    My favorite acronym from my military days – we’d gotten a new post commander who was not familiar with all the post’s acronyms. So, after a couple of weeks he sent a memo out to everone on post. The contents read “DUA”. After a few days a junior officer finally had enough to drink at the Officer’s Club to ask the general what DUA meant. The general replied, “Don’t Use Abbreviations”.

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