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Sig Silencers

Sig shoot A few weeks ago we had a chance to test the new silencers from Sig Silencers. It was a perfect day for testing with great weather in the 70’s, but who are we kidding any day testing out new products is a great day. If you haven’t been paying attention to Sig Silencers, now is the time. Kevin Brittingham, founder of AAC and a founding member of the American Suppressor Association, is the president of Sig Silencers. To say that Brittingham knows something about silencers is an understatement. Since leaving Remington, Kevin has been working on government projects. At the first of last year, he was hired by Sig to start their silencer line. The approach that Sig Silencers is taking is unique to the industry. Since Sig manufactures firearms, not only are they building military-grade silencers for the civilian market, but they are also looking at how to take a more whole-listic approach starting with the firearms themselves. sig shoot Sitting down with Kevin he started talking about what makes Sig Silencers different from the rest of the market. Starting with the barrel. Wait what? He went on to explain that the current mounts on the market meet up with the shoulder of the barrel and typically have to be shimmed to be mounted correctly. What Sig did is not only create a new mount that doesn’t have to be shimmed (more on that later) but also looked a creating a new barrel. Instead of having a standard shoulder on the barrel Sig has started making the barrels tapered. The tapered barrel allows their new brake, which has a taper of the same degree, to mount up perfect to the barrel. I know what you are thinking “Great now I have to get a new barrel or I can’t use the silencer.” Not so fast, the mount is also designed to fit a regular barrel with a shoulder. You just wouldn’t get the improved accuracy with this new mounting style. The silencers and mounts are plenty accurate already so I can only imagine how the new barrels play into the system. Sig mount Sig Mount Once the mount is on the rifle you can add a brake or flash hider to the front of it. The mount is threaded on the end to accept different components that Sig has created. There is no need to remove the actual mount just the end. A washer is placed between the mount and the brake that allows you to time the brake. Since this plays no part in the performance or mounting of the silencer, you can even use the mount without the end piece. If all of this wasn’t enough, the mount is also tapered where it meets the silencer to provide maximum accuracy. Some of most accurate silencers in the industry use a taper mount and Sig is no different. One of the many benefits of a taper mount is that is doesn’t wear out. Once you mount the silencer it locks on to the mount quickly and easily. It does have a latch, but it really isn’t necessary. It was added at the request of the military. It locks up so tight in fact that they made the back of the silencer so that a ½ wrench could fit it and engage the lock to give you some extra torque to remove it. For the silencers themselves, you will notice that they have a distinct look to them. Kevin did this on purpose for several reasons. First the back of the silencer was designed so that it would reduce flash as much as possible. In addition to this, the back of the silencer is serialized to make repairs easier should something happen. Second, the exposed welds on the silencer are visible because there is no other tube. This allowed weight to be cut by as much as 5oz on some models. The added benefit of this is that is also saves on production time and cost. Finally the silencers are super strong. When asked about what calibers the 30cal silencer could handle, Kevin responded “If it is 300 Win Mag or down then it can handle.” To back it up if you have any issues you are covered by a lifetime guarantee and they will fix it for you. video shoot Overall it looks like Sig Silencers has put together an impressive package of innovation and cost. I’ll leave you with the numbers from the tests that we did and before you think that these numbers are high it’s good to point out that the host guns we were using are different from our previous tests on other silencers. The waitlists for Sig silencers are on our site and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss the videos.
Model Firearm Barrel length Caliber Ammunition Bullet Weight 1st Rnd 2nd Rnd 3rd Rnd 4th Rnd 5th Rnd Avg Avg @ Shooters Ear
UNSUPPRESSED Sig Mosquito 4.9 .22 LR GemTECH Subs 40 gr 154.6 154.7 154.1 154.3 154.7 154.5
SRD22 Sig Mosquito 4.9 .22 LR GemTECH Subs 40 gr 129.7 129 124.5 124.7 123.4 126.3 125.4
UNSUPPRESSED Sig 1911 Carry Scorpion 4.2 .45 ACP Freedom Munitions 230 gr 162 162 162.1 162.5 161.7 162.1
SRD45 Sig 1911 Carry Scorpion 4.2 .45 ACP Freedom Munitions 230 gr 141.6 138.2 142.1 139.5 138.8 140.0 137.6
UNSUPPRESSED Sig MCX 5.56 16.1 5.56x45 M193 55 gr 166.2 166.4 167.1 167.2 167.1 166.8
SRD556QD Sig MCX 5.56 16.1 5.56x45 M193 55 gr 134.6 132.9 136.5 133.9 136.1 134.8 141.4
UNSUPPRESSED Sig MCX 300 Blk 9 .300 Blk Sig Sauer Subs 220 gr 161.7 162.4 162.3 162 162.1 162.1
SRD762TIQD Sig MCX 300 Blk 9 .300 Blk Sig Sauer Subs 220 gr 122.9 121.7 119.9 122.1 119.3 121.2 131.4
SRD338TIQD Sig MCX 300 Blk 9 .300 Blk Sig Sauer Subs 220 gr 120.6 118.2 116.8 119.8 120.2 119.1 130.4

10 responses to “Sig Silencers”

  1. John says:

    Own S&W M&P 40 Shield. Are there SIG Silencers available for this model?

  2. JP says:

    Any idea when SDR762QD will start to ship?

    • says:

      The stainless versions of the Sig 30 caliber silencers have been on order for over a year. They have not made them or shipped them yet. I’m sorry but we don’t have an ETA on them.

  3. jp says:

    can the7.62 1/2×28 taper lok be used in the 5.56 suppressor

    • says:

      No it cannot. The 7.62 mount only fits the 7.62 silencers. Sig has different mounts for both silencers so there are actually two 1/2×28 mounts.

  4. trkins33 says:

    What do i need since I have bought a silencer that is not a SIG for my SIG MCX 300 blk. I saw online i need a part to make other silencers fir my SIG MCX? Is this a part I can obtain from you? Or if i need to go to SIG what is it called? Your help would be most appreciative.

    Thanks in advance


    • says:

      Sig rifls have a tapered barrel that is designed to interface with the SIG Silencer Mounts. However other silencer mounts will work without issue. Some people have said to use a washer between the mount and barrel but this is not necessary in most casses.

  5. Craig says:

    Waiting on the SRD556TI-QD. Any idea on ETA?

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