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SHOT Show Recap

Well, SHOT Show came and went - and now we're left waiting on the cool new toys that will (hopefully) work their way into the market this year. :) It seemed like we didn't have the absolute flood of new announcements like we saw in 2012; but, my guess is that we'll see a lot of these actually ship this year. On top of that, we still have a few products from 2012 that are finally promising to hit the shelves (Saker anyone?). Having said that, here is a quick overview of the products that I think will make the biggest impact:

Advanced Armament

AAC seems to be in a bit of a pull-back mode, which is a drastic change from the slew of announcements they made last year.  After getting virtually none of the new products onto the market, they are holding back a bit to get that stuff out the door - which I think is a smart choice. AAC also seems to be pretty seriously focused on improving their customer service reputation as well as getting enough of their existing products into the market. Having said that, we do have a .300 BLK rifle coming in 2013 - but not much more in the way of new announcements.


Gemtech is a brand that I wouldn't typically expect to mention at all when it comes to new product development since they really do tend to stick with the tried-and-true models.  That just happens to be the case again, except for a cool new Ruger 10/22 rifle that they released that operates with a manual action.  It's actually kind of cool! The also promised to be turning the corner with their new CEO; but, we'll wait and see on that one.


These guys are on fire right now with new product announcements - and it sounds like we're going to see some new goodies coming out this year.  In addition to the Saker, we should be seeing an Octane 45 HD as well as a Specwar 7.62. We've been told that these products are actually going to ship fairly soon - so we're looking forward to seeing them in action!

Thunder Beast

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Thunder Beast suppressors.  When it comes to a 7.62mm direct-thread model, the 30P-1 is really hard to beat. Well, they didn't have any official announcements at SHOT; but, I saw some of the stuff that they have planned for this year, and I'm really excited.  We'll see what these guys can do outside the realm of direct-thread suppressors!

Yankee Hill Machine

I have to admit that I had been wondering if YHM was going the way of the dinosaur.  They were tenaciously holding onto their position as a 'value leader'; but, that can only last so long if you aren't ever updating your existing products. Fortunately, we are seeing several new products from YHM this year - including new versions of their Phantom suppressors that should outperform the old models.  We're excited to get some of these in-house to try them out! The newly designed flash hiders look a lot better too. :)


As I mentioned, this year wasn't as full of new announcements as last year was - but I think there are plenty of new products on the horizon to keep us busy drooling over new products. It really is fun to see the progress in both suppressors and quick-attach mounting systems!

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