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SCAR 17 Muzzle Device Compatibility List

20141209_175001 We got a SCAR 17 barrel in the shop so we tested every muzzle device that we sell. This was tested on a 16" SCAR 17 barrel. It fits if the muzzle device makes contact the shoulder and could be timed using SilencerCo shims. All shims should be the same but we put that in there as a disclaimer. The muzzle device gets a NO if it either does not make contact with the shoulder or hits the muzzle face before the shoulder. This should help to determine what you can and cannot use for muzzle devices. *Note: AAC does not recommend the use of anything other than a flash hider on the SCAR.
AAC 51T Brakeout 2.0* No
AAC 51T Brakeout* No
AAC 51T Flash Hider (deep socket)* No
AAC 51T Muzzle Brake* No
AAC 90T (SR-7)* No
AAC 90T Flash Hider (MK-13, Titan) No
AAC 90T Flash Hider (SR-7)* No
AAC 90T Muzzle Brake (MK-13, Titan) No
AAC 90T Muzzle Brake* No
Dead Air Sandman Flash Hider Yes
Dead Air Sandman Muzzle Brake Yes
Gemtech Jake Brake No
Gemtech Vortex No
Griffin Armament Compensator Yes
Griffin Armament RSTA Yes
Rugged Suppressors Surge 7.62 Flash Hider No
Rugged Suppressors Surge 7.62 Muzzle Brake No
SilencerCo Saker Trifecta Flash Hider Yes
SilencerCo Saker Trifecta Muzzle Brake Yes
SilencerCo Specwar Flash Hider Yes
SilencerCo Specwar Muzzle Brake Yes
Surefire SOCOM Flash Hider (using their spacer) Yes
Surefire SOCOM Muzzle Brake (using their spacer) Yes
Thunder Beast Brake (original) No
Thunder Beast CB Brake No
Thunder Beast Flash Hider No
YHM LT Flash Hider No
YHM LT Muzzle Brake No
YHM Phantom Flash Hider Yes
YHM Phantom Muzzle Brake Yes

57 responses to “SCAR 17 Muzzle Device Compatibility List”

  1. says:

    I just got a YHM LT Muzzle Brake and installed it on my SCAR 17- I needed to use shims to get it timed right but it seems to work. ( I have not shot it yet with/without the can) can you elaborate more about the NO and why it is a bad thing.

    Thank you-

    • Gary Groppe says:

      it all stems around having enough “shoulder” on the barrel to support the use of shims. The way those barrels are threaded, many times you will turn the muzzle device past the end of the threads.

  2. says:

    ahh- then using the original nut will work or having a solid enough shim base will be fine. 🙂 such is in my case- I kept building up the shims ignored to get the break to time just right. it is solid and stable.

    I was also thinking of consulting YHM about this – but from what I can see on mine it should be fine.

    I think this was really great of you guys to put this information out there for us… however might want to add specifics- I dropped a Duce when I first read the RED NO- LOL 😉

    • says:

      No using the original nut is not a good idea. The face of the nut is not perfectly flat. Also the LT muzzle device will not make contact with the shoulder without shims so that is why it is a no go. We do not recommend using the LT muzzle devices with the SCAR because of that reason.

  3. says:

    I just looked at the Phantom 7.62 and compared it to the Phantom LT 7.62 and they are identical- So I am now puzzled. why one would be OK and not the other.

    • says:

      They are not identical. They look very similar but the LT mount doesn’t have deep enough threads to meet up to the shoulder.

  4. josh says:

    what can would you recommend for a 13″ scar 17 sbr? thanks in advance.

    • says:

      Something that is either a brake or a comp. Since you will have some unburned powder you want to try and keep that away from the blast baffle.

  5. Micah says:

    When saying that you used the Silencerco shim set does their shim set have a similar shim like the Surefire version for use with the SCAR 17?

    I’ve used the Surefire brake and flash hider with my 762rc on my 17s and have not experienced any issues. I also checked using the Geissele alignment rod to verify before shooting and it had plenty of clearance all around.

    • says:

      When we tested the Surefire it doesn’t connect with the shoulder of the barrel. It hits the face of the barrel. Surefire has a special muzzle device and shims for the Scar.

      • says:

        So, are you saying if you use the Surefire shims with the “reversed” chamfered spacer, and follow the surefire socom muzzle brake installation instructions you should be OK?

        • says:

          If you want to use the Surefire then you will have to use the muzzle to time the brake. We don’t endorse it though.

  6. Dan says:

    AAC recently announced the Brakeout 2.0 is not compatible with the SCAR 17s, and is noted as such on their website’s product page. Additionally, Surefire reps have said in the past that SOCOM adapters are compatible provided the beveled edge of the spacer is installed facing the muzzle. Can you clarify both of these points? Thanks guys!

    • says:

      AAC says that the Brakeout 2.0 will not work because it puts the face of the barrel to far in the silencer. This is the exact opposite reason that others say their muzzle device will work because they are using the barrel face to time the brake. Several people have used the Brakeout 2.0 without issue. We put down that it works because of the ability to interface with the shoulder. For the Surefire they use the muzzle face instead of the shoulder. Surefire makes shims that will work with the Scar but we do not carry them. For the purpose of this test we only included muzzle devices that interface with the shoulder.

  7. says:

    Spoke with YHM- required .620 shoulder for their Phantom LT break- SCAR 17 shoulder is .664-

    Screwed down the Phantom LT break, it meets and stops on the shoulder making a solid contact. Using YHM Shims you can then time the break.

    I am just sharing this as I know the shims used were Silencer Shop’s- so I am not disputing their findings. Just adding to them.

    To ensure the Shims were working correctly after timing the break I removed it and inspected the shims inner side- this was to ensure an even contact point all the way around. This proved true.

    I will test today and report for everyone later. Still will have to give a big Thanks to Silencer Shop for doing the leg work on this- and bringing more education about this to the public. (me)

    Factory SCAR 17 Barrel/ built/shipped mid 2014.

    • says:

      Good to know. The LT brake that we used would not make contact with the shoulder. I’m sure that there are slight variations in the barrels as well.

      • says:

        All went well with the 7.62 Phantom LT Muzzle Break on the SCAR 17 no baffle strikes – phew- however I was very confident after I spoke with YHM about it.

        And you are right there might be some barrels out there that are a little different then others. So check- check and check again.

        Thanks for everything!

  8. Max says:

    I’ve brought this topic up to AAC representatives and they still disagree with any of the AAC muzzle breaks working on the SCAR 17. In fact they say the only device they would recommend that would work is the AAC 51t flash hider only. I’m aware Silencershop has a SCAR 17 barrel and they have tested the muzzle breaks to see if it will interface with the shoulder and I see the concept. AAC guys say that the muzzle breaks may appear to work but also they may cause damage to the suppressor and could possibly cause serious harm or damage if used. Has anyone debated the issue with AAC and shared input at all? And if so how are they responding about your test results of testing muzzle breaks?

    • says:

      We tested it using SilencerCo shims. We were able to time the brake and everything lined up. Under these conditions it worked. We are not disagreeing with AAC’s answer we just came to a different conclusion.

  9. says:

    If anyone is trying to put a SR-7 on a scar17s you need the 90t flash hider. aac says the 90t brakeout 2.0 is not compatible.

    • says:

      More info I came across: Either Flash hider will work, deep or standard socket. When you tighten the flash hider on, it contacts the muzzle before the almost non existent shoulder, and it is made to index off of either, so you are good to go if you hit on the muzzle first, which you will on this rifle. Every other muzzle device we make uses a deeper socket. The brakeout 2.0 was thought to use the same exact socket design as the flash hider, but it turns out, it does not. We do not recommend using that thin shoulder to index it off of, as there is very little surface area that the muzzle device touches the shoulder. With a good amount of force, you could easily torque it over the shoulder, or dig into the shoulder. Some of you have already used 2.0’s on your rifles and not experienced baffle strikes or end cap strikes, this to me means that it is properly indexed. Basically, you got lucky. It might not cause you any trouble for the rest of eternity. But officially, we must recommend you only use flash hiders.

      I would not recommend pinning and welding a brakeout 2.0 on a scar 17, for the reasons stated above(earlier in the thread). Is it pinned and welded already?

      The factory jam nut should never be used with any silencer application, again, for the reasons stated above(earlier). It will not index it correctly.

      We will not be testing a brakeout 2.0 on a scar 17. I can tell you what will happen. If the shoulder and muzzle device tighten up against each other with no crushing, or folding of any of the metals, then in theory it will not cause problems. However, if it does crush the shoulder in a little, it will likely cause at least end caps strikes. there is a plus or minus tolerance on all parts, including the flash hiders and barrels. So every instance could be a little different, so there’s no point in testing it because it could be different on your rifle.

      To help break loose the rocksett, soak the threads in water overnight. It will help loosen it up for you.

      Thank you all for letting me post this info, even though it is not very good news

      • jleinf says:

        More unfortunate info: Mild baffle strike with the SCAR17s, aac 90t flash hider and SR-7. No key holing issues, the alignment looks good eyeballing thru the breach with the suppressor on and the QD/suppressor attachment up is solid. Took the flash hider off, cleaned it up and remounted it with no issues. The only thing of note is you really got to crank on the suppressor to get that last little click. The connection is rock solid without doing this. I’m at a loss

        • jleinf says:

          Update: one more mild baffle/endcap clip. It appears the round hits the first baffle and deflects to the opposite side to get the endcap. I’m glad this is multicaliber because I’m not using it on this gun again.

          • jleinf says:

            Update: I did not get the QD flush on the crown. The gunsmith noted glue in the interface causing the QD to shift.
            All good now thank you A.J. in Austin

  10. says:

    I contacted Surefire and they said their SOCOM muzzle devices are compatible with the SCAR-H using their spacer in reverse from the standard install. Surefire includes this spacer with each muzzle device. It’s not a shim, the shims are much thinner and used for timing. Pg 4 of the SOCOM muzzle device instructions contains a note regarding SCAR-L and SCAR-H installation.

    A SCAR gunsmith improperly installed my SF3P-762 indexing it on the muzzle without the spacer or shims. Thankfully I read this blog and checked my SCAR with a Geissele 7.62 suppressor alignment rod prior to shooting suppressed. The Geissele rod indicates the muzzle device has runout and the rod is very close to touching the front end cap. I’ll reinstall the SF3P-762-per Surefire’s directions and hopefully it will center up the alignment.

    Thanks for this blog, it was very helpful.

  11. alberto says:

    Does the silencerco saker 762 muzzle brake need a peel washer to be mounted on the scar17?

  12. Dan says:

    What about a direct thread can like a Sandstorm? Ive been running one on a Scar 17 with no issues that I can see?


  13. says:

    if I use a thick surefire washer will I be able to use the TBA CB?

  14. Thunder Beast Ultra 7 will be here soon for my Scar 17S. Going to fun to get this to work, any ideas?

  15. John says:

    Why is the JP Enterprises recoil eliminator not listed? Will it work?

    • John says:

      let me further iterate that i am trying to reduce muzzle rise as well as felt recoil, I am even having to go to the extent of getting a Cadex Defense recoil rail. I have gone through 2 thermal lenses on the ATN THOR on the FAL 17. Im looking to eliminate as much movement as possible.

    • says:

      These are only muzzle devices that we sell.

    • Rob says:

      The most important reason the JP isn’t listed is: this is SilencerShop’s list. These are all muzzle devices that act as an attachment point for a silencer. JP’s device is only a muzzle brake and doesn’t interface with any silencer, and therefore is totally irrelevant to Silencershop and to the very nature of the issue: which devices work with the Scar so that you don’t end up getting baffle strikes.

  16. Matt says:

    So there is no sanctioned or authorized mount for a thousand dollar suppressor onto a three thousand dollar rifle.

    Awesome. Just awesome.

  17. Mike says:

    Have you tested the KBA Custom Shoulder Ring for the Scar 17 yet?

    • says:

      No we haven’t, we typically don’t test products that we do not carry. Sorry we couldn’t help out.

  18. David says:

    Rugged suppressors has a flash suppressor just for the SCAR 17 that mounts their silencers. Waiting for mine now.

  19. Frank says:

    Just read your article which is great by the way. Just purchased a SIG SRD762TI QD for my 716 and would to know if it would also work w/ my SCAR 17? Will it require any special adapter etc. Thankyou

    • says:

      It will work on the SCAR without issue. Just put Loctite or Rocksett on it and torque it down.

      • Frank says:

        Ok are you saying to buy the extra muzzle device(I’m also using suppressor on my sig 716) and put loctite on it and I’m good to go? Thanks for the reply

        • says:

          The Sig muzzle device will work on the SCAR 17 without any additional parts. All you need to do is Loctite or rocksett it and torque and you are good to go. If you want to use it on additional guns then you will need a muzzle device for each gun.

          • Frank says:

            Thanks that’s very helpful…..I also just purchased a sig MPX..what would you recommend for it?

  20. Scott says:

    Any word on if any of the Knight’s Armament devices work on the SCAR 17? Does anyone know if it makes a difference between the 13.5″ barrel and the 16″?

  21. Marc says:

    Which Griffin Armament Compensator is compatible? I have a 30SD and would love to use it on my SCAR but the 30SD Flash Comp will not work on my SCAR (as my gunsmith confirmed yesterday after a failed attempt to mount it)

  22. Pat says:

    I am looking for a supressor what will work with my Stag AR-15 in 5.56 as well as my FN SCAR-17 7.62. Which model would you reccomend and what type connection?

    • says:

      Any 7.62 silencer that has a mount that will work with the SCAR will work on the 556 as well. Give us a call or email and we can talk options.

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