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Read Silencer Shop’s Comment for Proposed ATF Rule Change

It’s been crazy around here for the last couple of months with the threat of a rule change coming down the pipe from the NFA Branch. Regardless, we’ve been working hard to find any way to stop this nonsensical change – and you can read our official comment regarding the rule change by clicking this link. I’ll be the first to admit that it is a bit long; but, if you have ~30-45 minutes, it is a very good read. It also helps provide a good sense of what the ATF is trying to do here – and why it truly isn’t defensible and doesn’t make sense. If you don’t take the time to read the whole thing, I’ll pass my favorite quote along here: “The NFA’s CLEO requirement must be put in perspective. While a federal application to operate a nuclear reactor is blindingly voluminous, covering topics ranging from reactor security to environmental impact, the 10,000-plus-page application does not require a single CLEO certification.  The federal application to handle, distribute, or manufacture substances such as cocaine, heroin, and MDMA under the Controlled Substances Act requires no CLEO certification.  The USDA license to breed, own, and exhibit dangerous wild animals such as lions and tigers likewise contains no CLEO certification requirement.  While some believe it is an oversimplification to state that “guns don’t kill people,” nuclear meltdowns, cocaine, and wild tigers clearly do kill people.  Criminal history and mental stability are undeniably-relevant factors for consideration of applications to participate in such dangerous and highly-regulated activities.  Yet, the responsible agencies have been able to analyze and regulate such applications—even within the all-encompassing context of a 10,000-page application to operate a nuclear reactor—without resorting to certifications from local or state chief law enforcement officials.” Remember that the comment period ends on Monday 12/9, so please don’t delay on submitting a comment of your own!

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