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Range Time with the Saker

Well, we've spent several days out shooting the new Silencerco Saker and I have to say that we've been impressed!  We'll get some videos done soon; but, in the meantime, I wanted to post some of our first impressions. First, as we expected, the accuracy is excellent.  That's pretty typical of compression mount designs - and the Saker doesn't disappoint. I am excited to get some other mounting modules to try out; but, we've been using the Trifecta mount - and that's the one that's at the heart of the system anyway. As far as sound suppression goes, we spent a couple of range sessions metering it both alone and against the AAC M4-2000.  It does come close; but, the M4-2000 was definitely the quieter can in our testing.  (I wonder if that new blast baffle design ended up adding durability at the cost of overall suppression.) Here are the results from our most recent range session using M193 ammunition out of a 12.5" barrel:


10 round string: 168.1, 168.1, 168.7, 168.8, 169.1, 167.6, 168.6, 168.8, 168.7, 168.9 Average: 168.54 dB Median: 168.7 dB


10 round string: 137.4, 134.4, 134.1, 138.1, 135.4, 135.2, 135.3, 134.3, 133.0, 134.0 Average: 135.12 dB Median: 134.8 dB


10 round string: 134.6, 132.0, 130.4, 131.9, 131.8, 131.7, 131.0, 133.7, 131.1, 133.5 Average: 132.17 dB Median: 131.85 dB After comparing the Saker and M4-2000 over a couple of range sessions, I found myself wishing we had included the SWR Specwar in the comparison.  That has become a shop favorite because of its excellent performance - although it doesn't have the durability or features of a suppressor like the Saker. Stay tuned for more Saker information.  This suppressor brings quite a bit to the table and we're having a blast testing it out! :)

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