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PBSS Widget Welcome to the future of buying silencers! Silencer Shop, the leader in hassle-free buying, has changed the way that you purchase a silencer and has made the experience even better. The Powered By Silencer Shop and Buy-It-Local programs allow you to purchase your silencers from our website, and we send them to your local FFL without any transfer fees! That is right NO TRANSFER FEES. It's an industry first in the silencer market. Silencer Shop does not charge a fee, and the FFL does not charge a transfer fee. Before this, customers were paying $65-$200 for transfers - not anymore with Powered By Silencer Shop! Over the past couple of weeks, you might have noticed that we changed buying options on our site. You can now select your preferred FFL directly from the product page, and we will ship it there. This change makes the process faster and easier than ever before. By partnering with local FFLs and allowing them to set the prices on our site, the silencer market just got better for the consumer. FFLs now compete for your business by changing their price to be competitive. This competition means lower prices for you! Silencer Shop still processes the paperwork and handles the transaction. You just pick it up from your local FFL. With no transfer fees, new competitive prices, and a hassle-free buying process, there has never been a better time to buy a silencer! For more information on the new Powered By Silencer Shop and Buy-It-Local program, check out this page: If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 512-931-4556    

2 responses to “Powered By Silencer Shop”

  1. kevin says:

    can we still just buy it directly from you and pick it up directly from you?

    • says:

      You can purchase from us and we handle all the paperwork. However you have to pick up from an FFL that you select.

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