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Picking the right rimfire suppressor

Since there are so many rimfire suppressors on the market, it can often be confusing trying to decide which one will work best for your .22 caliber weapon.  This article will go through some of the criteria you should use to pick your rimfire suppressor and will give some recommendations based on what you decide is important for you. Remember that just because a specific suppressor is the best choice for someone you know, that doesn't always mean that it's best for you because everybody has different requirements.  That's why there isn't just one suppressor model available. :) Here are the criteria that the people we talk to are typically looking for:

I want a suppressor that can be disassembled for cleaning

Well, you're in luck here.  Almost all current rimfire models do come apart for cleaning - and ALL the models we stock come apart. Since rimfire suppressors have to deal with lead fouling, we highly recommend getting a take-apart model; although, the opposite is often true of rifle suppressors where lead fouling isn't an issue.

I want a suppressor that can be taken apart easily

As I mentioned before, all the rimfire models we sell come apart for cleaning; but, there is a big difference between them when it comes to ease of maintenance.  As a general rule, you'll often find that monocore or click-together baffle suppressors are easier to service than their K-Baffle competitors. If ease of maintenance is important to you, then these are the models we would most highly recommend:
  • Silencerco Sparrow - This is the suppressor that absolutely dominates this category.  It comes apart by hand and is far and away the easiest to service suppressor on the market.
  • SWR Spectre II/Warlock II - Although they're not quite as easy to service as the Sparrow, the Spectre II and Warlock II are still very easy.  Because of that, they're becoming some of the more popular .22 suppressors we sell.

I want the quietest suppressor I can buy

It should come as no surprise that the quietest suppressors available are often the more expensive models.  A lot of time goes into fine tuning the baffle stacks to give that extra performance - and they are often made using materials like titanium instead of stainless steel or aluminum.
  • AAC Element 2 - The Element 2 suppressor from Advanced Armament is arguably the quietest suppressor that you can put on a rimfire pistol.  It performs well on a rifle as well - but really does shine on a pistol.
  • AAC Prodigy - The Prodigy isn't as popular as some of the other models we sell; but, for people who are looking for an extremely quiet model, it is still a great buy.  The Prodigy can often edge out the Element 2 if you use it on a rifle.
  • Liberty Kodiak TL / Essence - These Liberty suppressors are larger than the competition; but, the high volume design does result in an extremely quiet suppressor.  Another result of the large volume design is that the Liberty models tend to have less blowback on a semi-automatic weapon than some of the smaller models.

I want the best bang for the buck

Many people really don't care about getting the single best in any specific category; but, they do want something that could be considered the best-bang-for-the-buck. These are the suppressors that really dominate when it comes to getting more for your money:
  • SWR Spectre II/Warlock II - SWR has redefined value over the last couple of years, and the Spectre II and Warlock II are no exception.  These suppressors offer an excellent price for a great suppressor.  (Be sure to click the email for price button on the product pages to see the low price on these suppressors.)
  • AAC Pilot 2 - The Pilot 2 from Advanced Armament is an excellent performer - and tends to beat out most models costing $100 more.  If you're looking for a quiet suppressor for a low price, then this is a model to consider.

I want a suppressor that will handle .22 Mag and/or .17 HMR

If you want to suppress either .22 Mag or .17 HMR, then you'll be looking at either stainless steel or titanium suppressors since they can handle the higher pressures.  In some cases, they can even suppress the 5.7 FN!

I want a lightweight model

If you're looking for a lightweight suppressor, then you should typically focus on either aluminum or titanium models.  The titanium suppressors will cost more; but, you'll get additional strength from titanium over aluminum.

I want a stainless finish instead of black

If you're looking for a suppressor with a stainless finish, then your options are somewhat limited since most manufacturers currently finish all their suppressors using a black coating. The only model we currently stock with a stainless finish is the Liberty Kodiak TL - and we also stock it in black.  Just be sure to select the color you want before checking out.

I want a quick-attach suppressor

Quick attach suppressors aren't very popular in the rimfire suppressor market for a couple of reasons.  The primary one is that the quick-attach mechanism increases the suppressor diameter, which will generally cause it to block your weapon's sights. Having said that, there are some .22 carbines where a quick-attach rimfire suppressor makes a lot of sense.  For people who are looking for something like this we stock the Gemtech G5-22.  The G5-22 uses a mount similar to their larger 5.56mm and 7.62mm mounts, and it works great on a .22 carbine if you want a flash hider style attachment.


As you can see there are a lot of rimfire suppressors on the market and quite a few criteria that can be used to determine which one is best for you.  Fortunately, if you spend a few minutes determining what is most important to you, it's often pretty simple to narrow down your choices to at most one or two different models that will fit your needs perfectly. As I tell people every day, it's well worth your time to make sure you are getting a model that will fit your needs - and that's why we spend so much time shooting the different models side-by-side using different ammo and weapons.  As always, if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us! Suppressors are an absolute blast if you take the time to get one that fits your application. :)

27 responses to “Picking the right rimfire suppressor”

  1. says:

    Thanks for all the information about suppressors. Can you help me? Last year I (my transferor), Houston Armory sent in my original application to the ATF. Last week, I received a courtesy notice from the ATF, that Houston Armory license is no longer active. They do not answer their phone. I will go by tomorrow to see if they are still open and attempt to get my money back for the suppressor. Can you help with this application so I do not loose my timing on getting a suppressor stamp. I have a trust set up for the suppressor. ATF has given me 30 days, from 5/14/14, to: #1. send in a registered suppressor serial number, #2. change transferor information in box 3a.,#3. remove FFL# and EIN from boxes 7 and 8a/b as their license is no loner active. Can you call me tomorrow morning, Tuesday, 5/27/14, at your convenience? My cell phone number is 832.723.8356. I will drive to Austin if necessary to purchase a suppressor and not loose my turn in line to get a suppressor for my Walther P22.

  2. Philip says:

    Is there a reason the Surefire .22 suppressor is omitted from this list?

    • says:

      Because the blog post was written about 2 years before the Surefire Ryder came out.

  3. Caleb says:

    With this article in mind, what are your thoughts on the Surefire Ryder if you were to add it as an option?

    • says:

      The Ryder is a great silencer. We don’t compare silencers to each other but look at their individual merits.

  4. J says:

    Will AAC element 2 work on the 5.7 pistol?

  5. Paul says:

    Since the post is 2+years old does the Silencer Shop still believe the AAC Element 2 to be the quietest when used on a pistol ?

  6. As all listed “Out of stock” when do you expect restocking? I sure don’t want to go the oil filter route.

  7. Fausto Castaneda says:

    In your opinion what is the quietest suppressor for the sr22p and 15-22

    • says:

      So far the quietest 22 silencer that we have tested is the Bowers USS 22. You can see our test here:

  8. In your response to “Paul” you previously stated that although the AAC Element 2 for .22 cal was the “quietest” suppressor, that there are others now on the market which are just as good. Could you be more specific, please, and list them?

  9. Paul Swancey says:

    What is the quietest FN57 (pistol) can? Size, price and availability doesn’t matter. I need the QUIETEST ONE. My neighbor is a liberal scumbag who loves to call 911. Can anyone help me out here? Even if it’s a brand that Silencershop doesn’t carry. I will hunt down and find a way to get THE quietest 5.7 can on the market.

  10. John Marino says:

    What is the best platform to run a Spectre II ? I currently have a Ruger 22-45 lite which is a bear to field strip and I’ve about had enough of it. Can someone recommend a different pistol that would be a great match (Sig Mosquito for example) ?

  11. Roger says:

    Is there an update to this article? I’m looking for a suppressor that will work on both an SR22 pistol and 10/22 rifle.

    • says:

      No but give us a call or email and we would be happy to talk to you about current offerings.

  12. Allen Gunn says:

    I currently own a Silencerco Warlock II and a Gemtech Mist22. I would like to thread the barrel on a Savage 93R17 so that my old lady can shoot whistle pigs right next to me and we’re both suppressed. Will the Warlock II hold up to 17HMR pressures?

  13. Aaron Lorenson says:

    What is your recommendation for a ruger 10-22 precision build?

    • says:

      There are a ton of options for you. it comes down to wither you want it to be able to shoot other calibers, how easy it is to clean, sound and price. Give us a call our email and we can discuss the options with you.

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