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NRA response to new ATF proposal

Last week, the NRA published their first response to the new ATF approval that could, potentially, impact the transfer of NFA items (such as suppressors). You can read the full NRA response here: We are currently working, along with other industry members & lawyers, to find the best way to oppose this new ruling – and will post information as we receive it. For now, I believe the best approach is to renew support for the NRA & the American Silencer Association.  Both organizations could seriously use our support as they gear up to fight this.  It also makes sense to start sending comments to your state representatives so they know what’s going on.  Remember that we need to be civil, we’re the good guys here and we definitely don’t want to give them any ammo by saying something in anger. There will come a point where we’ll want to make sure as many comments are submitted to the ATF as possible opposing this ruling; but, I don’t think we’re quite ready for that yet. It will probably take a few more weeks to come up with a coherent industry response, and then we should stick to the bullet points that appear to have the best chance of success in fighting this absolute breach of our rights. On a personal note, I’m blown away by the fact that our government is acting, seemingly without thought, in a way that will:
  • Violate our 2nd amendment rights.  I know it’s only the constitution – but it should receive at least some respect…
  • Not impact criminals at all.  As the NRA statement mentions, this rule absolutely couldn’t make less of a difference for criminals.
  • Make it harder to obtain what should be considered a safety device.  We might as well start regulating car mufflers while we’re at it.
  • Force us to redirect resources to fighting the government instead of helping our customers.  (I thought they wanted to help the economy…)
For now, remember that nothing has changed – and it won’t for at least 90 days.  We need to take full advantage of that time to prevent this from taking effect, so stay tuned and we’ll post new information as we receive it.

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