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Lots of YHM products are back in stock!

We’ve been running low on YHM products over the last couple of months; but, they’re starting to show up on the website again! One that we’ve been waiting on for a while is the new YHM Phantom 5.56 M2 QD.  This model replaces the previous 5.56mm stainless Phantom, and brings their new core & tighter bore tolerances to the 5.56 family. If the performance gains mirror what we saw with the 7.62 M2 Phantom, YHM may have a real competitor to the SWR Specwar 5.56 – which has been dominating the 5.56mm value market. We haven’t gotten our demo 5.56 M2 suppressor yet; but, as soon as we do, we’ll get it out and report how it performs. On top of that, we also have the Phantom LT and Phantom LTA suppressors in stock as well – which have been far more popular than we initially anticipated. This shipment probably won’t last long; but, we have another one coming on its heals. The final big surprise that came out of YHM this year was the little .22 Stinger – which we’ve been impressed with so far. We got some of these little guys in stock as well. Overall, the YHM stock levels are looking a lot better – and we hope to keep them this way instead of being out as much as we were in the last part of 2013!

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