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Lots of new products on the website!

We sat down a few weeks ago and realized that we have a lot of accessories, parts, and even some silencers that are in stock but not on the website. As a result, we've made an effort to add these new products and we've also been refreshing pictures for models that have been updated.  We even added a new Lifestyle category if you want to purchase Silencer Shop hats, shirts, or other goodies! You'll also find flash hiders, pistons, mounts, and other accessories that we've stocked for a while - but they've only been in the store.  At this point, the only things missing are some of the threaded barrel weapons that we stock here in the store - from the AAC Handi-Rifle and MPW to the 1911-22 and Walther P22. Be sure to browse through the website to see some of the new & updated products!

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