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Introducing The Single Shot Trust

Just when you thought Silencer Shop couldn’t possibly be any more awesome, we go and do something like this… And totally turn traditional NFA gun trusts upside down! Single Shot Trust

Welcome, Single Shot Trust

In a nutshell, our new Single Shot Trust arrangement provides suppressor owners the desired long-term benefits of a trust while eliminating the hassle of setting one up. Available exclusively through our Powered By Silencer Shop dealers, both Single Shot Trust and Single Shot Unlimited Trust options bring NFA fanatics quick and simple alternatives to the more time-consuming NFA Trust.

With the ability to add trustees/responsible persons after your approval, our Single Shot Trust initiative defines flexibility in the silencer community. Perfect for either novice suppressor owners or established can enthusiasts, this ground-breaking trust saves you money and headaches.

Single Shot

You may be asking yourself why you wouldn't just do the same thing with our legacy NFA Gun Trust... The short answer is: you could.  BUT, if you buy a traditional trust - with you listed as the sole trustee - take it to get notarized, scan it in, send it back to us, submit it to the ATF, get your approval, then add additional responsible persons (eg. Trustees), you would have to get all of them fingerprinted and passport photos done before you could use the trust to buy another NFA item.  The Single Shot Trust is designed to be just that... a single trust for a single item.  Whenever you are ready to come back and buy anther silencer, just throw another trust in for $24.95 and skip the hassle of wrangling up all your other trustees!

Skip the cross-town drive to the notary. Say goodbye to state filing of paperwork. Erase the papercuts from handling Form 4 documents… Entrust your NFA items in a Single Shot.

The Single Shot Unlimited option is designed as a "lifetime subscription" for those of you that know you will be back for more.  For the same price as our traditional trust, you can set yourself up so that each time you buy a silencer from - or one of our Powered By Silencer Shop dealers - we'll automatically add a single shot trust to your serial number and submit it on your behalf.  No extra paperwork needed.  You'll digitally sign your new trust at the same time we send you your Form 4 to review and sign electronically.

Necessary Next Step

For additional benefits/details of the Silencer Shop Single Shot Trust incentive (specifically, Why Use a Single Shot Trust? and What If You Have an NFA Trust?), be sure to click right here to learn more.

17 responses to “Introducing The Single Shot Trust”

  1. James Lagomarsino says:

    I would like to purchase a 9 mm suppressor and believe the Single Shot Trust might the best way for me to enter this arena. It appears that the $24.95 route is the best option for me. If so, what do you recommend as an entry level suppressor for a 9mm pistol?

    • says:

      There are a lot of good options. You can give us a call or email and we can talk about them. However I would look at the Griffin Armament Resistance 9, AAC Illusion, or the YHM Sidewinder to get you started.

  2. yan yan says:

    Hi, I purchased silencer in your store in 2015, now could I use this single shot trust to apply a SBR ?
    Thanks a lot !

  3. Tony says:

    Great option for streamlining the current NFA process.
    > Can an existing NFA Trust be added as the Trustee for a Single Shot Trust? I already have a NFA trust with Trustees and Beneficiaries designated. After my Single Shot Trust is approved, I know I could add the same people as Trustees to my Single Shot Trust, but could I just add the full NFA Trust so I have one master trust that controls all NFA items?
    > Other than local laws for NFA items, is there any issue having a Trustee in a different state than the Trust owner?

    • says:

      Can a trust be the trustee for another trust? That is a question for a lawyer. I think the answer will be no.
      There are no issues with having a trustee in a different state. They can even be in a state where silencers are illegal, they just can’t have possesion in that state.

  4. Bill Epkins says:

    Is the Single Shot Trust available for all NFA items, i.e. my planned SBR build, or is it limited to NFA purchased from the Silencer Shop?

  5. Steve says:

    I will be buying a 300BLK SBR 9″ suppressor. I would like to do this trust, and I know where the Kiosk is in my area.
    What do I need to do?
    Do I buy the suppressor here, then go to the KIOSK and sign in? Use the APP?

    • says:

      You would buy the silencer, tax stamp and trust from our site. Then visit a kiosk and get your prints in the system. You can use the app to send us your photo. For the trust and form 4 you will sign digitally in an email.

      • Steve says:

        Sounds easy enough.. I guess I will be buying one very soon, when I get back to the states.. Sounds like this system is already in play to have a silencer much quicker than waiting for ATF.

  6. Carlos G says:

    So, I have an NFA trust. I have no one on that trust except me. I don’t foresee me putting anyone on any trust other than me. So , next time I buy an NFA item from you guys, what would be the benefits going the new way instead of using my existing NFA trust? Obviously I see I can add others easily after approval…but anything else? Thanks))

    • says:

      There would be no benfit to you unless you add people to your trust. At that point eveyone that is on the trust would need to get finger printed and photographed or you could use the Single Shot Trust.

  7. Kevin I. says:

    On the Single Shot Trust page there is a chart that states ‘Easily Transfer Ownership – Yes’ but no where on the site does it explain how the process is made Easier.

    • says:

      That is for transfering the entire trust to anohter individual. In the trust there is a contact for the lawyer that can assist with that.

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