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Hunting with silencers now legal in Florida!

IMG_1787 On Friday November 21st 2014 Florida voted to make silencers legal for hunting. The ASA reported “The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted unanimously to repeal the 57 year old prohibition on the use of firearm suppressors for taking deer, gray squirrels, rabbits, wild turkeys, quail, and crows. Following the passage of the new regulation, the Commission then voted unanimously to authorize an Executive Order to allow the measure to take effect immediately. Minutes later, Executive Order # EO 14-32 was signed, making hunting with suppressors for all animals in the state legal, effective immediately.” This makes the Florida the 33rd state that allows hunting with silencers for game animals. This is great news not just for Florida but for NFA and gun rights across the country. A growing number of hunters are learning the benefits of hunting with silencers. For more information and a full map of where silencers are legal check out the American Suppressor Association website. Also please consider donating to them to help fight for your NFA rights.  

2 responses to “Hunting with silencers now legal in Florida!”

  1. Raleigh Thomas says:

    Thank God! FINALLY….!
    This will make life much better for hunters hunting ( legally ) closer to urban areas where non-hunters tend to get upset at the sound of gunfire, AND will help in securing permission to hunt from landowners and ranchers /farmers concerned about gunfire upsetting cattle and horses on their property, while thinning an overpopulation of deer and wild hogs decimating their crops and destroying their land. THANK YOU to all involved in getting this legislation passed!
    Raleigh Thomas
    Palm Harbor, Fla.

  2. Mike says:

    Fantastic news !
    This has more benefits than people realize.
    Now, lets take out some hogs !
    Pensacola, FL

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