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Great customer service story!

I have to admit that it's a lot of fun being part of this industry - and a lot of that is because of the great companies we deal with every day. Yesterday, we had a customer share a quick story and I figured it would make sense to post it here. For people who are aware of the very popular Thunder Beast Group Buy, you're probably also aware that it involved sending an email to Thunder Beast to get a confirmation code. Well, we had one customer who wanted to purchase a 30P-1; but, they accidentally entered their email incorrectly and didn't receive a code.  A couple of days later they received a call from one of the guys at TBAC trying to track them down because the confirmation email had bounced back.  I have to admit that's pretty impressive - especially considering how busy they've been running this rebate program!  The customer was definitely impressed as well. It's not just Thunder Beast who is offering this kind of service.  We get stories from several of our manufacturers fairly frequently, and we're going to start posting them here just so people get an idea of the types of people who are running these companies.  In this case, kudos to the people over at TBAC for taking customer service so seriously!

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