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Say Goodbye To CLEO Certification Signatures

CLEO SignaturesAlthough the recent implementation of ATF 41F was generally met with disdain throughout the suppressor community, not every aspect of the rule change is hellfire! And even with the new steps included, our S.I.D. Kiosk and Silencer Shop Mobile App initiatives provide a paperless, convenient process for all of your suppressor purchases and registration needs.

Individual Notification

Reverting back to the original good news, one of the positive facets of ATF 41F being introduced to our lives is the omission of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) certification signature requirement for individual applicants. This alteration removes the ability of law enforcement personnel to impede firearm enthusiasts from owning certain items, such as silencers and machine guns. Moving forward, a copy of the Form 1 or Form 4 needs to be submitted to the local CLEO at the time it is filed with the ATF.  And because you guys and gals are so awesome, if we are filing your paperwork (or you bought from a dealer that uses our services) we will handle all necessary communication with the respective CLEO regarding your completed forms.  You don't have to do a thing! Upon submission of your Form 4, a notification is immediately sent to the nearest CLEO on your behalf. We are redacting as much personal intel as legally possible, including your payment information, your photo, and the item’s serial number. Overall, the CLEO signature is no longer applicable to ANY registration method. And although most suppressor owners prefer to go the trust route, the fact that the ATF decided to do away with this stipulation is a win for the industry. Speaking of trusts, these applicants were not previously required to obtain a CLEO signature pre-41F, but are now mandated to notify their local CLEO of all manufactures (Form 1) and/or transfers (Form 4) of NFA items. (Remember, it could be worse.) To that end, the Responsible Persons aspect (Form 23) will also have your photo and the suppressor’s serial number redacted, and a generic email address and phone number will be generated that directs the CLEO office to us and does not release your personal email/phone information.  Moreover, all listed trustees will have their relevant form(s) submitted to their local CLEO, which means not all persons need to be residents of the same state.

In Summation

While ATF 41F brought a sense of panic to many firearm fanatics, not all parts of the industry-wide change should be frowned upon. Though all legal entities are now required to send a copy of both their completed Form 1/Form 4 and Responsible Person Questionnaire to the local CLEO (which we will happily take care of for you), the prior CLEO certification signature for individuals is no longer needed. Nowadays, only a CLEO notification is necessary. Moreover, the rolling out of our most recent technological and software advancements (i.e., S.I.D. Kiosk and Silencer Shop Mobile App) allow for the streamlining of suppressor ownership, so things are definitely looking up in our shared community. Exciting times!

38 responses to “Say Goodbye To CLEO Certification Signatures”

  1. Ned Settimi says:

    I live in California which is already a minefield of gun regulations for law abiding citizens and the governor has just signed legislation such as sb1446, sb1235, a1135 and sb880. What is the legality of supressors in California today?

    • says:

      I’m sorry but silencers are illegal in California. The way to own one would be to move to a state that respects the 2nd Amendment.

  2. Timothy Votaw says:

    As a current and future customer of you folks, I am gratified at how you do business. Yes, I know there’s a bottom line for business, and assume you do well. But you seem to be able to balance that side of the house and maintain exceptional customer service. Nothing in this world is seamless anymore, and there are hitches and glitches for everyone, but you do a fine job of keeping them low profile in your business practices with us. The CLEO notification process has potential to be intimidating to some customers, so your incorporating this into the service you provide is a big deal. Thanks for the good business ethics, and some skookum employees.

    Now, please get some of those better cans in stock!! You can blame the customers – we’re bombing you with demands (oops, not a good choice of words right now!), and we want your allocations increased. Those “other guys” can take some time off and go fishing (or shooting)…. 🙂

    • says:

      Thanks for the kind words. We have everything on order from all the manufacturers that we carry. Things should fill back up over the next 6 weeks or so. Just today we got about every Griffin silencer back in stock.

  3. Ed Lowrey says:

    Having just received a copy of the new Form 4 booklet from the ATF the instruction state that a signature of the Trustee is required.
    How do you process the paper work without the Trustee Signature.

    Same question for a form 4 for a individual. Form clearly requires a signature. I want to use you guys but I need to understand what process allows the form to be submitted without an original signature fo the transferee or the Trustee.
    Thank you

    • says:

      Good question. Once a customer checks out then we send them an email and they sign online using DocuSign. We have that approved by the ATF.

  4. Rufus B says:

    So, if serial numbers, name, photo, address, payment information is deleted, what was the point of even having a cleo involved in any way?

    • says:

      Good question. 41F is a response to a question that no one asked. It doesn’t really change much of anything.

  5. James says:

    so if I file a form 4 for supp from you guys as Individual an send you my prints an photos you can let the CLEO know, an take care, of all of that

    • says:

      That is correct, we notify the CLEO regardless of the state if you purchase from us. We also have the kiosk system in place to capture your fingerprints and you never have to get them done again, as long as you are with us. We will have an app soon that will allow you to upload a photo.

  6. Which suppressor shops will be getting the nifty kiosks? I am wondering if Capital Armory will be one of the shops with the fingerprint kiosk. Thank you guys for all you do for the 2nd ammendment and the suppressor community

    • says:

      There will be a list of the kiosks locations on the site soon. With Silencer Shop being less than 4 miles from them it might not make sense for them to be part of wave 1 when the locals can just come to Silencer Shop.

  7. JonSnake says:

    Will you guys be doing the same for SBR’s?
    I have had my trust for some time now but I would like to SBR 2 lowers I have.

    • says:

      Yes that is in the works. Hopefully it will be a new feature that is rolled out in the next couple of months.

      • Patrick says:

        In regards to the form 1, what kind of price range are you guys looks at charging for this service? I currently have paperwork in for one SBR and will be looking to file at least three more form 1’s.

        • says:

          We don’t have a price yet. This is something that is a month or two down the road. Once we have more information we will post it. Thanks for your interest.

  8. Jeff Kurzner says:

    For people living under the jurisdiction of multiple law enforcement organizations, how do we determine which one to send the notifications to?

    • says:

      We send the notification to a state level CLEO. It doesn’t have to be a local CLEO.

      • Pod says:

        Sending to a state level CLEO creates a de facto state level registry which is forbidden by Florida law even for NFA items. Might want to reconsider that step for our state.

  9. james stipe says:

    If we already have a permit to carry which happens to have our photo and finger prints will we still need to go to a kiosk and be fingerprinted?

    • says:

      Yes you do. You have to be fingerprinted and photographed for the form 4. Your permit is state level not federal level. Thanks for asking.

  10. scott says:

    In general, do we need fingerprints and pics with every submission? I’m sure the silencershop will have our prints stored with our trust info…. or are they good for two years?

    if prints and pics are good for 2 years, and I make another purchase from the silencershop, are those electronic prints good for NFA items purchased locally using the same trust?

    If we add responsible persons to our trust, do they need to submit prints and pics even if no new application form 1, 4, etc. is being submitted?

    thanks for creating a great business and helping to bring silencers to the masses

    • says:

      In general you need to submit fingerprints and photos for every trustee on the trust with each form 4 submitted. The fingerprints are not good for two years as some had though earlier you need to submit them each time. However Silencer Shop stores the fingerprints and prints the cards as needed so once you are in the system then you do not need to get new fingerprints done.

      If you add a responsible person then they have to get fingerprints and photos into the Silencer Shop system if you are going to submit for a new NFA item. You can add them to the trust after the items are approved and they would not need to be fingerprinted or photographed.
      Let us know if you have any questions.

  11. Derrick says:

    There are quite a few people on my trust. I am not sure how many of them are going to want to get fingerprints and photos. It seems like it would be easier to purchase items as an individual now?

    • says:

      Having a trust is still the best way to own a silencer in our opinion. It allows for multiple people to use the silencer and makes it easier for inheritance. If you have trustees that are not interested in getting finger printed and photographed once then I would suggest removing them from the trust. You can add them back to the trust later after the silencer is approved.

      • Charles says:

        So you could just remove someone from a trust who does not want to be fingerprinted, submit your forms, get approval, and then add them back to the trust? Hmmm.

        • says:

          Yes you can but you can only add them to the trust after the silencer is approved. If you add them while it is progress then they would have to go through the process as well.

  12. Geoff says:

    Hi. I just read a TFB interview with Rob Howard of the BATFE NFA Branch ( and Mr. Howard stated, “All applicants, transferees, and responsible persons are required to forward a completed copy of their NFA application and/or completed copy of the Form 5320.23, respectively, to the chief law enforcement officer of the locality in which the applicant or responsible person is located. In the case of a trust, this locality is the primary location where the firearm will be maintained.” This seems to contradict what you have above regarding each party of a trust submitting CLEO notification to “their local CLEO.” Could you clarify, please?

    • says:

      Actually it is the exact same thing that we said in the blog post. Quote from the blog:
      “Speaking of trusts, these applicants were not previously required to obtain a CLEO signature pre-41F, but are now mandated to notify their local CLEO of all manufactures (Form 1) and/or transfers (Form 4) of NFA items. (Remember, it could be worse.) To that end, the Responsible Persons aspect (Form 23) will also have your photo and the suppressor’s serial number redacted, and a generic email address and phone number will be generated that directs the CLEO office to us and does not release your personal email/phone information. Moreover, all listed trustees will have their relevant form(s) submitted to their local CLEO, which means not all persons need to be residents of the same state.”

  13. Joe Loiselle says:

    So, for those of us who have gone through the process before with a Trust: Question – Do we have to do anything at all after the new changes if we do not purchase any further NFA items?

    • says:

      No nothing for you to do if you do not purchase anything new. Nothing changes for you. Thanks for checking.

      • Marcus says:

        Alright, I have a trust with you and would like to buy another silencer. I guess the picture is passport style, but what about the fingerprint card? Do I just go to the local police station and ask for it?
        Thank you all for making this so easy.

        • says:

          You can use our kiosks that are set up around the country. Once you scan your prints in you don’t have to do it again. Or if you are not close to a kiosk then you can go to a police or sheriff station and get prints done and we can scan them in so you don’t have to do it again. If you have any questions just let us know.

          • Marcus says:

            I can do that, but I couldn’t find the listing with the kiosk yet. Is this published here somewhere?
            Thank you

  14. Curtis Singleton says:

    I will probably not even use my trust anymore my father is the only other person on my trust he now lives in a state that prohibits silencers so Im not sure what kind of issues the le notification would create for us. There is also the issue of needing his print cards and photos every time I buy an item its not worth the trouble

    • says:

      You could just remove him as a trustee and keep using the trust. You would just amend the trust to remove him. Then you could keep enjoying the other benefits of the trust without inconveniencing your father.

  15. James says:

    On my trust i have my brother as a trustee, an my girl friend as a benfecary,, can i change that to just me on the trust

  16. JIM says:

    Iam all done with buying with a trust, Iam going INDIVIDUAL

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