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Form 4 Barcode System Approved By ATF

At Silencer Shop, suppressors and technology literally flow through our veins. Okay, maybe not literally, but we continually strive to make silencer ownership as simple as possible via new technological innovations. Our latest advancement benefits both owners and dealers alike by streamlining the suppressor ownership process even more!

- Form 4 Barcodes

What exactly are we up to? Glad you asked.


We’ve been working closely with the ATF to take all the information contained on a Form 4 and embedded it into a barcode on the first page. This ground-breaking setup allows ATF staff to simply scan this barcode, which instantly populates the appropriate fields of the ATF database. By utilizing our barcoded forms, the ATF data entry personnel will no longer need to manually type tedious information into their system. A quick scan turns what would’ve taken several minutes into mere seconds, and then they’re on to the next form. This new approved system will benefit both the consumer and dealer by:

Increasing ATF Speed

  • In testing the new barcoding system we’ve already submitted over 3,000 Form 4’s to the ATF, and the ATF time to process these forms has improved tenfold.

Increasing Efficiency

  • Silencer Shop error rate for submitting post-41F Form 4’s with the ATF was close to zero before and now with the new approved process, it’ll be even lower.

The industry-wide error rate is close to 50% for forms submitted post-41F to the ATF, which we’re also working to address with our Form 4 Generator.

Form 4 Generator

Form 4 Generator -

Our goal is to advance the entire industry by introducing beneficial technology to all dealers and their customers. That said, we realize some dealers don’t use Silencer Shop to process their forms, so we’re now offering a free Form 4 Generator on our website! Forms generated through this webservice will contain the embedded barcode once the user clicks “submit” at the end. The idea being that the more people who use this submission method, the better it’ll be for everybody because it reduces the number of ATF resources required to both enter data and handle problem forms.

The online Form 4 Generator also solves the largest culprit for mistakes that the ATF sees on submissions: the field that contains the dealer license number. We’ve tied in the FFL eZCheck system into our form generator to autofill and validate the FFL/Dealer’s information. Though that may not sound like a big deal to some of you, we’re actually quite proud of this feature in a very nerdy kind of way!


Barcode f4Bringing the form filing procedure into the 21st century by working closely with the ATF is something Silencer Shop takes great pride in. For those of us “lucky” enough to encounter the previous system, information was manually typed and submitted by industry experts. Not to take their hard work and dedication for granted, but sometimes unforeseen mistakes were introduced, which resulted in delayed ATF Form 4 submission or approval. Our barcoding scanner virtually eliminates all potential errors by auto-filling your information into the ATF’s proprietary system. Efficient and clean… Done and done.

The wait times will be dramatically reduced with this new barcode system because it enables the ATF data entry staff to improve form processing by utilizing this highly-efficient tool. Instead of accepting the old system—solely because it was the norm—Silencer Shop strives to address industry issues and apply the necessary technology to improve a myriad of situations. We understand the wait time is frustrating, and we’re continuously developing ways to improve the ownership process. Our new ATF-approved system is just one area we’re helping the industry… More efficiencies to come!

For additional information regarding this topic or any others, please contact us. We look forward to discussing our latest advancement with you and answering your questions.

187 responses to “Form 4 Barcode System Approved By ATF”

  1. Jordan Bowles says:

    Will the barcode type and data formating be open sourced or otherwise made available?

    • Tyler Walters says:

      We are considering it. We need to write some additional testing and validation tools to make sure barcodes generated outside of our system are correct.

    • Terry Fisher says:

      I have 2 in ATF processing so I feel like the guy who was sent to the nearest galaxy on a 40 year trip and after 10 years a faster way was discovered to make the trip so that galaxy was already explored by the time I got there.

      They will have their suppressors before I get mine and ordered months after I did. O’Well . . . at least that’s progress.

  2. David Anderson says:

    When will these be in effect? I recently purchased two through one of your kiosks? Soon was 8/2/17. Am I able to get included or is it a going forward thing?

  3. Jerry Reidy says:

    so now you can see more accurately how the government fks you over by denying your right to own firearms and even an inanimae object that they defines as scary. I dont want them more efficient I want them out of the business of monitoring my rights and my property

  4. Whitney Randall says:

    I guess my purchase today (DD ISR) was too early to take advantage of this new technology! Oh well…

  5. Rob says:

    That’s great to hear! So how long have you been sending in form 4’s with these bar codes? I bought a suppressor a few days ago, so this is awesome to realize that it could be approved in half the wait or less!!

    “By utilizing our barcoded forms, the ATF data entry personnel will no longer need to manually type tedious information into their system. A quick scan turns what would’ve taken several minutes into mere seconds, and then they’re on to the next form.”

    They should be able to double if not triple their output per day!

    • Tyler Walters says:

      If you bought a few days ago, your forms have a barcode on them. It’s tough to tell how much this will reduce wait times but every little bit we can do to simplify and streamline the process helps!

  6. Mike says:

    Nice job, guys! Thanks from all of us that have had our purchases held hostage by the NFA approval cycle.

  7. Joe Berding says:

    How much is this? And how do I get it.


  8. Matt S. says:

    great work y’all, really appreciate the process improvement for the benefit of everyone – even the ATF guys!

  9. eli blakley says:

    I submitted my form 4 through you guys and you kiosk/app either early this month or late last month. Was my form 4 submitted with the bar code? Should I expect a faster wait time? What is the estimated wait time if you have one?

    • Tyler Walters says:

      All forms generated here at the shop have had the barcode for over a month now. The wait time is difficult to predict in the best of times and this is no exception. We are hopeful though!

  10. Admin says:

    Amazingly proactive!
    You’re helping ATF help us!
    Thank you!

  11. Michael A Provenzale says:

    Will the barcode forms be available to dealers in communist States like NY, CA, etc?

    • Tyler Walters says:

      It is not restricted… Though you would obviously need to make sure the Form is going to an appropriate/legal party in those states.

  12. John Ferguson says:

    I purchased my silencer from you months ago and I haven’t heard a word on any progress…

    • Tyler Walters says:

      I just resent you the last status message that we sent you. Give us a call if you don’t receive anything though.

  13. Nathan says:

    So what kind of dramatic reduction are we talking here? I’ve been holding off on any new cans until the post 41f crush was reduced. If we can start turning these around in weeks instead of going to be very happy. Dramatic reduction means many things to different people especially when we have to deal with the government.

  14. Bill Waters says:

    Things like this, as well as your prices and convenience, are why I bought almost a dozen cans from you guys so far. Keep up the awesome work!

  15. Jesse says:

    Will this system be implemented for Form1s as well?

  16. Richard Smith Sanderson says:

    Fantastic news, and Congratulations on devising this industry changing system!

  17. Brian says:

    This is how you increase sales. Well done. Can we get this for Form 1’s as well?

  18. William Halm says:

    Thank you very much.

    Will this new process help existing owners speed up their process. I’m still waiting since December 2016 for my silencer.

  19. Souly Keonavong says:

    Bravo! Excellent work Silencer Shop and team. Very innovative. I too was getting excited in a nerdy way while reading through this blog. I’m a previous customer using the old system. I look forward to the new system.

  20. Dan Orr says:

    Could this be utilized for your Form 1 service also?

  21. Dj says:

    Great, so instead on 12mos for approval (like my last can) it will only take 11mos 29days 23 hours and 47min!!! (Thats a knock on the government, not SS). Major props to SS for leading the way in almost every way for silencer sales…..thanks guys!!!!

  22. Joseph says:

    Hopefully this thing kicks this approval time into high gear. So I presume this is only going forward from here on. It will do nothing for those of us in purgatory now. The way silencer shop is moving this industry forward, they will be the only place I shop from now on. Keep pushing on guys.

  23. BDub says:

    The lastest shade of lipstick for the ATF pigs. *sigh*

    • BDub says:

      I dont mean to belittle your hard work. Its just everytime I see this kind of thing it just feels like incrementally make the hoops larger, rather than getting rid of the hoops.

      • Tyler Walters says:

        I completely understand sir. We would love to “get rid of the hoops” as much as you! In the meantime though, we’re going to do our absolute best to simplify/automate every step of the process that we can.

      • A & P Armory says:

        Not to sound too much like a Silencer Shop fanboy (although I am), they really have fought bureaucracy with innovation. The ATF tried to make things harder with 41F, trust fingerprints, etc. So Silencer Shop, a private company (as happens frequently), developed technology to make life easier. Frankly, as a dealer using their Powered By service, I find it EASIER now to do applications than before. We bought a fingerprint kiosk too. I can have you in and out in 15 minutes once you know what silencer you want. Before, when I did all the paper pushing in house, it would take 30 minutes to an hour per application (printing and formatting the application, trust docs, printing checks, packaging, mailing, etc.). Now, my work takes 15 minutes. So the kiosk and Powered By was huge for dealers and customers. And now the barcoding will literally change the industry. The only thing better or faster would be the reintroduction of eForm4s. The ATF takes in about $20 million per year in tax stamps and they couldn’t spend any of it to increase efficiencies so SShop did it for free (to them)! Amazing what we can do when government gets out of the way.

  24. Dan says:

    When will this technology be available for your Form 1’s?

  25. R. Young says:

    Glad to hear about the new Bar Code process. Couldn’t imagine it making approvals any worse. I’m out 14 months and still waiting!

  26. Thomas R. Evans says:

    Hi, and great work! I purchased two cans right before the 41F hit. I am guessing that is Form 1. from here on, until the HPA hits, with my trust established for the previous purchase, what do i need to do from here to order another can? Finger Prints, more info, new form with barcode?
    Thanks so much, Tom Evans

    • says:

      Purchase the silencer and tax stamp from us. Then submit finger prints and a photo for each trustee. We will handle everything else. If you have any questions give us a call.

  27. Walt Chan says:


    Now, that is leadership. The U.S. Government can use your innovative ideas and in so many departments mired in doing paperwork just like back in the Stone Age.
    Keep up the great work!
    Another fine reason to do business with the Silencer Shop.

  28. Chris Morgan says:

    What kind of reduction in time are we looking at? I’m ready to buy a can or two but have been holding off waiting on hopes of a reversal of NFA as far as cans are concerned. If I buy today, what kind of time frame before I receive my can?

    • says:

      The ATF has to clean out the old forms. They say that it will take to the end of the year. For the barcode forms they estimate 90 days of less. So orders now should be around 6 months. This is just an estimate and it could be longer.

  29. Dan says:

    When did SS start testing the new barcoding system? When was the new technology approved by the ATF?

  30. Kevin says:

    I bought a suppressor in May 24th of 2016 they accepted the form 4. in June the 27th 2016 my tax stamp was approved on April 15 and I just contacted the ATF and silencer shop they said to contact my dealer in San Antonio that it that it was their responsibility to contact I guess it got lost I am just curious how they track the tax stamps

    • says:

      If your dealer does not have the stamp then they need to contact the ATF for a duplicate stamp. If they need assistance with that then we can help them. Send us an email and we will help you out.

  31. Yankeebill says:

    I am sure happy I got my paperwork in before the changes. It took 10 months to get my can at that point. I am am waiting for the passage and enactment if the American Hearing Protection Act of 2017. I fear we may be waiting a long time though. Until that time comes I will be content with my one suppressor.

  32. Oscar rago says:

    So, I just (last week) submitted 5 form 4 applications to the ATF (not involving Silencer Shop at all).
    Obviously, I did not know about the bar code. Is there something I can do now to speed things up? Can I reapply be generating bars with bar codes if they have already cashed my checks for the Form 4s I submitted on 8/10?

    Thank you,

    • Tyler Walters says:

      If your checks are already cashed, I wouldn’t mess with anything Oscar. Despite how much I would like to sell you some product 😉 it would be better for YOU to wait out your current submission. Give us a call when you need your next fix though!

  33. Mike B says:

    How will this affect previous orders? I bought my van through my local shops SS Kiosk back in April, Tax Stamp was cashed a week later and I’ve been playing the waiting game. Do you know if these times will be sped up? Thank you for continuing to streamline the process for our future orders!

  34. Rick Martin says:

    Will a barcode be on a form 4 submitted in March??

  35. Mark Maddock says:

    I am 4 months on the list and have not heard a thing. What is best way to get an update?

    • Tyler Walters says:

      Mark, I just resent the last status update that we sent to you. Give us a call if it doesn’t come through shortly.

  36. Dan says:

    Is there any chance of ATF favoring bar coded applications for processing first, over those of us who submitted via the “old” SS method? Or is each application processed in the order they were received?

    • Tyler Walters says:

      We are unaware of any priority that will be applied to one type of form or another. I suppose it is possible but I don’t have a good answer for that.

    • says:

      The are processed in the order received. Right now there is no plan to leap frog the other forms.

  37. William says:

    This is wonderful news. I bought my suppressor on 30 July 2017. Would I have a barcode or am I to late?


  38. Brian says:

    My form has been submitted through you guys since April. Is this going to steam line anything for me.

    • says:

      Not for that purchase but the ATF hopes to have the old forms cleared out by the end of the year.

  39. Greg says:

    Are can’ really a 14 month wait these days?

    • says:

      No things are speeding up. We are even seeing approvals from September and October. The ATF is trying to clear out all the old forms.

  40. Gareth Smith says:

    What about those placed almost a year ago? I’ve been waiting over 300 days with no word at all.

    • says:

      The ATF is working through those now. They should be able to clear them out by the end of the year.

  41. Kevin Guillot says:

    Would a can purchased in May from a kiosk have a bar code on it?

  42. Bill says:

    Awesome news! Am wondering if both my purchases from a month or two ago have the barcodes! Great job in helping the sloths move a little bit faster!

  43. jordan says:

    My form 4 was submitted about a yr ago..

  44. Davis Bush says:

    Great idea. Now the question is can the approved form be bar-coded the same or otherwise laser engraved on the silencer(or Gun) negating the need to carry paperwork??? That would be so great plus the silencer be tracked by BATFE through previous owners as their bar code will still be on the gun.. Looking at a small bar code that is.

  45. David Roberts says:

    Purchased my silencer in January 2017 and still waiting.

  46. William says:

    I submitted my paperwork through silencershop Nov 2016, ATF accepted it and filed it Feb 2017, and when I called the other day they said they are processing stuff over a year old. That means I’ll not see anything from ATF until Feb or later next year in 2018. Is barcoding going to help or they are totally without any process even if you barcode. I would purchase more suppressors but the ATF is a major problem getting them and I am 100% certain they do it on purpose.

    • says:

      The ATF said they should be through all of the old forms by the end of the year. The new forms will not “leap frog” the old forms.

  47. Steve Herberth says:

    I’ve been in the “NFA Business” for almost 20 years (back when approval times were two or three weeks tops!) and over that time I have seen a lot of improvements in the system! Oh how I wish I’d had the “Form 4 Generator” ages ago!!! Once again “Silencer Shop” is at the head of the pack with new innovations to make the process truly PAINLESS! The ‘Form 4 Generatorr’ and new barcodes are your best move yet!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!

  48. Derek Trevino says:

    We love you! Just needed to be said. Thanks guys!

  49. Jay says:

    This is fantastic news! Any assistance you can give BATFE to streamline this ridiculously long process is greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work and I am more apt to wait until my wait time is around 90 days before buying a suppressor. When I do, I will be buying from you!

  50. Charlie Randall says:

    Just wondering if my order has a barcode. Check cashed 7-23-17 for a Sandman

  51. Ralph Solli says:

    I know this may be off topic, but since it is doubtful that the HPA will make it out of committee this year, can the president through the ATF, revise the process, and instead of fingerprints, and photos, just require a revised form 4, along with the $200.00 tax, until any action is taken on passage of any bill that takes suppressors out of the GCA 1934? Can the process also be streamlined so that if someone or a Trust applied for and received their stamp for a previous application within a period of time, be kept in a database and be fast tracked to approval on subsequent purchases.

  52. Paul says:

    I haven’t ordered my first suppressor yet, but will be working with my local FFL to use this tool on my Kriss Vector SBR! (going through Form 3 right now to get to my local gunshop/range.

    If only you could add a PIN generator to this so Form 4 with a trust can have people show up at any kiosk and get digital fingerprints and mugshot added to comply with 41F!

    Awesome job and keep up the great work!

  53. Gonna need to get Silencer Shop on the Felt Recoil podcast to lay this out for everybody. This is great news!

  54. Trevor H. says:

    Just truly wanted to say thank you for this! I jumped at the chance when you first started the PoweredBy program and that took a lot of the headache out of the process then…now this? You guys are rockstars!

    Hoping in the future this will apply to your Form 1 service as well!
    Keep up the great work!

  55. Kyle w says:

    Is this atf wide? If I purchased a suppressor from another vendor will I have a barcode to expedite the process?

    • says:

      Any dealer can use this system. It is free. However if they try to make their own barcode it will not comply with ATF standards and could cost you time.

  56. Fred says:

    The data entered does not appear to be stored in the PDF417 barcode. That means the data there simply references data the ATF is provided. One could conclude Silencershop is storing the data and transmitting the data to the ATF. Like a backdoor eforms with a third party that has access to the data.

    Is this the case?

    How does silencerco address concerns about this?

    • says:

      Not all data is entered by data entry. The barcode does more than just put data into the system. It verifies the info and reduces the amount of steps that data entry needs to do. It does not store any data and then transmit it to the ATF.

  57. John says:

    My purchase was on July 1. Was I too early to have the barcode.

  58. Rufus Barker says:

    Thank you for the work put into this process.
    I think we should ALL concentrate on getting rid of the whole process and move suppressors to the same classification as FIREARMS.
    That is the BEST and FASTEST solution of a foot dragging ATF.

  59. Jeremy zeiger says:

    Hello, I jurchased a silencer back in may, will speed up my approval?

    • says:

      The forms that were submitted prior to the barcode should be approved quickly since the volume of forms is lower. The ATF believes they can clear then out by the end of the year.

  60. Philip Buenvenida says:

    I just got my harvester suppressor, I was surprised how fast it arrived in my FFL dealer. I must have been included in the bar code. Federal Way discount guns in Federal Way WA 98003. Told me it can take a year before I can get approval from BTF. So my suppressor will be held by them for now for maybe a year. Wow that’s a long wait. Phil

  61. Gary Kadow says:

    You guys sure are on the cutting edge of things, now see if you can get that greedy $200 stamp tax rescinded like The Donald promised he would. I know it’s a new system but could check to see if my order is included under the new submission bar code it would be appreciated.#213148

  62. T. Scott Turner says:

    Is it too big of an assumption that you are working on something similar for Form 1s, especially in light of your new service?

  63. Justin says:

    So what does this mean for the entire wait time? It seems to streamline the input process, but what does that mean for the 9-month wait time? Does it get reduced to…….what? What else can we do?

    • says:

      The ATF predicts that they will be through those forms by the end of the year. The new barcode system should help them keep approvals under 90 days.

  64. This will certainly save the clerk’s time at the bureau but will the customer (buyer) see any improvement in the wait time for approval? These times seem to be getting longer, in fact they are getting to regularlly exceed a year now. I do not see improvement, even with our new President

    • says:

      Once they clear through the old forms things should speed up. Most of the wait time is data entry so the new barcode system will help with that.

  65. Rick Bell says:

    This Is Great News. I submitted my form 4 in June. I too haven’t heard anything back yet. I was quoted to 4 to 6 month for the turn around. Does this sound about right?

  66. William Kinney jr says:

    Call me skeptical. My last suppressor was purchased on October 3. You guys blew a month by not submitting my paperwork, even though I used your app for photo. Even so, here it is the end of August and still nothing. Have used you before and that experience was smooth, But this last one is quite a different experience.

  67. Russell Scharrer says:

    I have two suppressors on order and is this going to speed up my receipt of my units? I have a Sig SRD9 and a Bowers .22 unit. Would be nice not to have wait another half year.
    Thank you,
    Russ Scharrer

    • says:

      Yes it should speed things up. Once the ATF clears out the old forms then the barcoded forms should go through faster according to the ATF.

  68. Chris says:

    I noticed a QR code in Box 3A of my Approved form 4. This is not the same thing your talking about I suspect, but I wonder if you could shed some light on those as well?

  69. Mike says:

    I ordered my can months ago. I see that ATF didn’t waste any time cashing my check…

    Any idea where my order is in the system?



    • says:

      Right now we are seeing some approvals from October. Things should speed up over the next couple of months.

      • Luke says:

        Any ideal how the new forms will be handled? I am assuming the ATF would complete all paper submissions submitted prior to the bar-code form before moving on to the newer submissions with bar-codes?

  70. Kris says:

    So can I use your form with bar code if I purchased my can from a local dealer?

  71. Tom Reynolds, Red Dog Reloading says:

    As one of your Silencer Shop dealers, I live in an area in the mountains in a place where there is NO cell phone service. It is also about 60 miles to the closest Kiosk

    I do have good DSL internet connectivity thru my house/shop phone service.

    Is it possible to use the on line Form 4 and the new Barcode and process using my internet service.

  72. justin chaney says:

    Any word on the status of mine? 3 of them

  73. Fred says:

    So correct me if I’m wrong. It makes there job easier and faster but the pile is still the pile for the data entry and the real holdup is the actual processing of the forms not the data entry. Data entry has been taking 4-6 weeks but then it still sits in the pile for a year currently (5 months in the future?) so it’s not going to make the actual processing time any faster just the data entry part which isn’t the part we wait on to get our stamps?

    • says:

      No data entry is the biggest bottle neck. At one point they were 6 months behind on data entry. This should speed up the entire system.

  74. Jeremy says:

    Hello, I was wondering how I can get an update on the status of my order, thanks.

  75. Ryoung says:

    Made a purchase 7/26/2016, submitted by SS to ATF 12/06/2016. Have heard nothing since. Should I be contacting someone. Thanks.

  76. David Becker says:

    I saw a few comments about getting updates, how often do you guys send out updates on orders? Just when they are approved? I was also wondering if I had a barcode on my order. Thanks!

    • says:

      We send out updates all the way until the form 4 is submitted after that the next thing is the dealer calls and tells you that you are approved. If you submitted within the past month then you have a barcode.

  77. William Conn says:

    I bought a hybrid on march 30th, hopefully will see it by Thanksgiving, even that is wishful thinking.

  78. Gio says:

    When the barcode is generated does any of my personal information get saved on the SilencerShop server (or any third party computer)? How is the data on the barcode encrypted or otherwise secured?

    • says:

      No your data is not saved anywhere. The ATF can scan the barcode and get the information that they need.

  79. Brian Horowitz says:

    My form 4 was submitted on 5-11-17. Did it have the bar code??

  80. Evan Watkins says:

    2nd try to post this…
    Congrats and Thanks for your work to make this happen.

    Are you going to post or share your ATF approval letter. My dealer is reluctant since they haven’t heard from the ATF, the letter would get them going.

    • says:

      At this point no. If you dealer has questions we can help them out. Have them contact us.

      • Evan Watkins says:

        My dealer won’t use these because there is no ATF confirmation that these are valid and acceptable form 4s. Help me convince them…they don’t want to call another shop.

  81. Brian says:

    My purchase was August 4, 2017 (YHM Turbo)…ATF cashed check…I assume I have a barcode…are you thinking Mar/Apr approval??

    • says:

      Yes your order had the barcode. According to the ATF those times sound about right.

      • Evan Watkins says:

        My dealer won’t use these because there is no ATF confirmation that these are valid and acceptable form 4s. Help me convince them…they don’t want to call another shop.

  82. Al says:

    My check was cashed on 7/22/2017. I just called to check the status. They said it was pending and they were still processing orders from 7/2016.

    • says:

      There have been approvals from October and September. Right now it seems like the approvals are from all over the place.

  83. Rick H says:

    I used the bar code about three weeks ago. I’m not in a rush just seeking more information, With the membership on your site and the bar code entered is this information kept for future purchases? As an example I am in your system with my picture and finger prints and completed form. I buy another suppressor is this information used in that purchase or do I have to submit abother picture, finger print set and form?
    BTW Great work!

    • says:

      No if you purchase from us once then we keep the information on file. So your next purchase you will not need to submit fingerprints or photos. The photo does expire after a year, however you can submit a new one via our mobile app.

  84. Bryan says:

    Any update yet on how much faster this has made approval? I am mulling over the Griffin Armament Recce 5 Mod 4. Also, is there any additional transfer fee to send it to my FFL? Or can it be sent to my home once it is approved? Sorry, I’m a first time buyer…

    • says:

      Until the old forms are cleared out of the system we won’t know for sure. However the ATF has said that they will be under 3 months by the end of the year.

  85. Matt M says:

    Smthink mine was sent with the truck load… 9 months already. The wait…is…very….painfull…

  86. Mike W says:

    I am a first time NFA item buyer and from what I am reading, it appears the wait can be pretty long. I bought my silencer on 9/1. I am guessing the ATF doesn’t have any format with which to determine where they are in the process of approval? What process does the ATF do to approve a Form 4? Thanks in advance.

    • says:

      Not really a format to tell where you are. Your form is either there on not. The ATF cashes your check, does a check of the paperwork, and background check. Sends the prints to the FBI to get checked and then approves it.

  87. Mike says:

    So, I want to do a couple form 1’s on my trust, should I wait, or just go ahead and do them the old way? I will be stopping by one of your kiosks though and starting the process all over again, I feel the need for a Rugged Obsidian and Surge.
    Thanks for all the hard work!

  88. Mike says:

    Will there be a Form 1 bar code. I have 2 last rifles I want to SBR, I have the required pictures, and fingerprint cards ready, but if your going to have a bar code form 4, I may just wait.

  89. Jacob Fister says:

    Is there any way to see if my order has been updated with a barcode or not? And any way to see if it results in a tangible difference in wait time for me personally?

    I filed in June this year, and I heard once the ATF gets past the huge surge in June/July 2016, things will speed up. Right now friends are getting cans after about 10 months. Is that the wait I can expect? Your Form 4, Individual, estimate still says about 300 days.

    Are you going to update your wait time page to reflect forms with a barcode as well?


    • says:

      You ordered about 4 months before the bar codes came out. So yours does not have it. However we are seeing all wait times speed up. I estimate that you will see yours before the end of the year. Our data shows the average not the current times. We are working on a new site so once that is up and running we will update that page to display more times and such.

  90. Jason says:

    Question: if someone purchases a NFA item and it goes through a Silencer Shop approved dealer, will it be done with your system, or only if it is a suppressor purchased from you?

    • says:

      Any Powered By Silencer Shop dealer can use our system to process NFA items for their customers. It does not have to be purchased from Silencer Shop.

  91. NATHANIEL says:

    I purchased a suppressor back in April, and another a few days ago. Looking at my paperwork, I dont see any barcode that resembles what the pictures in this article show. Do I have one of the barcodes?

  92. Ricky Burch says:

    I filled everything to get a can in early January 2017,
    Any idea when the process will be complete. Thanks guys!

    • says:

      Your check was cashed on 1/29 so I expect that it will be approved soon. We are seeing approvals from your time period.

  93. Erik W. says:

    I mailed an Individual Form 4 with barcode on 11/1/17 to the ATF for suppressor. Check cashed on 11/8/17 and I confirmed status as pending on 11/30/17. Will update this post when received. My last one took 7 months for approval.

  94. Dale Swaney says:

    I am considering purchasing a .22 can from you guys maybe in Jan/Feb 2018. What kind of wait time am I looking at when using your new system and kiosks.

    • says:

      For approvals we are seeing around 9 months or so for trusts and 4 months for individuals. Times are speeding up so it could be faster by the time you purchase.

  95. Mark Hoffman says:

    What does “Form 3 Status: Disposed 11/14/2017” mean?

  96. Ricky Burch says:

    Have you guys heard the latest on the hearing protection act that was trying to get passed ? I know it was shot down once. Just wondering if anything new was going to come about it.


  97. Angel Perez says:

    Question, This is a great and neat idea, good job guys, but, why takes too much time anyways if you guys are making the work for ATF way easier? Now they dont have data entry to make, so this almost a year goes only to the background check? Good God, almost takes more time than a Top Security Clearance. I just wonder why still taking too much time when you guys give them everything on a plate ready to go.

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