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Expected impact of the government shutdown

As most people probably know, the government did start a partial shutdown today (October 1st), and we just want to confirm that this shutdown will be impacting the NFA Branch. What does that mean for our customers:  
  1. We are open for business as usual.  We will still be processing all orders and getting everything reviewed & submitted so they will be ready to go when the folks at the NFA Branch return to work.
  2. For now, the electronic form submission system is still online - and we will continue to submit forms as long as it is.
  3. If the electronic submission system goes down, we’ll hold submissions until the electronic system comes back.  Our system is capable of submitting a transfer every 25 seconds, so it won’t take long to get caught up when the system is back online.
  4. Nobody is at the NFA Branch to answer questions about status.  We are also unable to contact them since they aren’t there. icon smile Expected impact of the government shutdown
  5. This shutdown will delay forms already in progress by the length of the shutdown.
The guys & gals and the NFA Branch are doing a great job considering the resources they have at their disposal.  We appreciate all you guys do, and keep your heads up. There aren’t many businesses that would put so few resources into one of their most profitable divisions; but, this is the government…

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