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New electronic Form 4 submission for trusts!

At Silencer Shop, we are constantly working on improving our processes to be both faster and easier.  Along those lines, we now have an option for electronic trust submission for Texas residents! With the electronic trust submission option, you will be able to either upload, fax, or email us a copy of your trust as well as paying for your tax stamp with a credit or debit card.  This will give an even more streamlined method to submit your paperwork since we will no longer need to send you a registration packet. If you want to take advantage of the electronic trust submission, just follow these steps:
  1. Check out as you normally would, either using our website or giving us a call.
  2. Be sure to add a tax stamp to your cart for each suppressor you purchase - there isn't any sales tax charged on the cost of the tax stamp.
  3. After you check out, fill out the 'Required Transfer Information' that you see on both the order confirmation page and also in your confirmation email - that form will now give you the option of uploading your trust directly to us.
We'll take care of everything else! We'll notify you when your paperwork is submitted to the ATF (which is typically only a few hours after you order). In the near future, we are also adding a similar process for both corporations and non-Texas customers - so stay tuned!

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