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eForms 2.0 is Delayed Again

ATF Delayed The ATF has been working on their new eForms 2.0 system, internally referred to as the Firearms and Explosives Application Module (FEAM), since the original system was taken down in the spring of 2014.
  Since that time, the NFA Branch has reduced wait times significantly by simply hiring more examiners (remember the 12+ month waits?); but, now that the market has had a taste of electronic filing, everybody wants it back. This morning, the ATF officially announced that the new system is delayed - and they're going back to the drawing board to reset the process.  In the meantime, they are looking at what it will take to boost the performance of the legacy system in order to get Form 3 transfers working electronically again. Although the first version of eForms was essentially designed in a vacuum, the ATF has worked closely with industry partners (like Silencer Shop) on eForms 2.0 - to be sure it will meet both performance and functionality requirements. The ATF has a solid understanding of what the new version needs to do; but, it's easier said than done when working within the government bureaucracy.  (Remember the much better funded As we mentioned in our previous post about the eForms design process, most businesses would take an iterative approach to the design.  That way a working system could be put in place quickly - and then updated to meet additional requirements over time. Unfortunately, the government tends to start with a fixed budget and then releases an all-or-nothing product as a result of their time-consuming contractor bidding, approval, & background check processes.  The main problem being that once the new system is online, it's unlikely to change. At this point, it looks like the ATF will be going back to the drawing board to refine requirements, secure additional funding, and potentially hire a new contractor to continue work on the eForms 2.0 project.  It's hard to imagine this wouldn't add at least 6 to 10 months to the overall project; but, we won't know for sure until the new development plan is released. logo_eForms-150x135   Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we get more information.  

12 responses to “eForms 2.0 is Delayed Again”

  1. Matthew S. says:

    any info on 41p?

    • Dave says:

      Everything we’ve heard indicates that 41P is dead.

      Unfortunately, it hasn’t been officially retracted – so there is a slight chance it could be revived if there is enough political pressure. We are NOT expecting that, but we’ll post if anything changes.

      • Aaron P. says:

        The Hearing protection act would eliminate the need for 41p

        • Dave says:

          That is true for suppressors.

          If the Hearing Protection Act passes, then suppressors would not longer be regulated by the NFA. Other NFA items, however, would still be impacted if 41P goes into effect.

          Having said that, we don’t think anything will come of 41P at this point.

  2. John says:

    Hello Dave, I think that the information you post is honest, straightforward, understandable, correct, and uses good grammar. I wonder if you are part of the Silencer Shop team.

  3. Bobby B says:

    In the interim, what form should I use to get an application in the system and begin the process?

    • says:

      We file by paper now since eforms is down. Don’t worry about the filing of the paperwork though. We handle all of that for you. If you are looking at doing a form 1 we have a video up on our Youtube channel that walks you through the process.

  4. Jason W. says:

    Does anyone know the cost of filing and obtaining a for an ATF trust?

    • says:

      We sell a trust on our site for $129.95 available here.
      Or you can have a lawyer create one for you. Prices vary across the country. Once you have your trust completed then we can handle everything for you. If you need any help in any part of the process don’t hesitate to call or email.

  5. Dave says:

    I just registered on the ATF E file website, and when i pressed the Form 1 “folder” It looks like we are able to fill it out. So, is e file back up and running? Or, will it let you submit, but they won’t approve any?
    I ask because I have read from forums about people e filing yesterday with all of this talk of 41P going through.

    • Dave says:

      The eFile website is up and running for Form 1’s still – it just can’t be used for a Form 4.

      If you’ve submitted your Form 1, you should be good to go.

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