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Dead Air First Impressions

So I got to go out today and test the Dead Air silencers. If you haven't heard of Dead Air then let me tell you a story. Mike Pappas one of the founders of SilencerCo started his own company with another SilencerCo designer Todd Magee. So what we have is the experience from SilencerCo starting a new company, Dead Air. The first silencers that Dead Air are going to produce are in the 30 caliber family. These things are awesome from fit and finish to sound. In my opinion they are the best looking silencers on the market. The end cap is replaceable like the Saker is. The mounting system is very unique but more on that in a moment. The body of the silencer is Cerakote black and the muzzle device is nitrided. Baffles are Stellite from a solid welded core. The front cap is also detachable and interchangeable similar to the SilencerCo Saker. The quick attach silencers attach with a very cool muzzle brake that is not only ported on the sides but also vented on top. The bottom had 3 notches that index with the silencer for a perfect and precise lockup each time. The silencer can only drop into the notches in one position since they are sized slightly different. Dead Air demonstrated this to me and then let me have a go. The silencer drops on easy and locks up solid. The amount that you have to turn the silencer to lock and un-lock is very minimal. Because of the unique locking system it feels like you are twisting off the muzzle brake. After playing with it a few times it really grew on me.  Another very nice feature is that the back part of the silencer can be taken apart and the rings can be cleaned out if debris gets in there. You simply pull back on the locking ring and you can unscrew the first ring. The picture explains more. The first silencer that I tested was the 7.62 Sandman-L, the "L" stands for long. At 9" and 21.8 oz it felt really good and the fact that it is rated for up to .300 Win Mag just makes it better. I shot it on a 10.5" 300blk subsonic ammo and it sounded as you would expect, quiet. The thing that stood out to me was the "tone" that the silencer produced. Most silencers have a high pitch sound but the Sandman L hand a deeper tone that was very pleasant. Putting the Sandman L on the 308 rifle with full power ammo produced more satisfying results. I would say out of the many silencers that we carry this one sounded the best to me. After shooting it on the 308 I looked a Mike Pappas and said "I know what is next on my list!".  The second silencer that I tested as the 7.62 Sandman-S, as you probably guessed the "S" is for short. Coming in at 6.8" and 17oz there was a noticeable difference in the weight and length but I was still leaning to the L version. Shooting it on 300blk was awesome! To my surprise it sounded better than the Sandman-L which is odd considering that the DB was higher. After two of my co-workers shoot it they agreed with me that it sounded better than the longer version. Shooting the Sandman-S on the 308 was hearing safe but not as enjoyable as the longer version.  The final silencer in the line up is the Sandman-TI, the TI is for titanium and has a titanium tube with Stellite baffles. At 8.2" and 17oz this this is the ticket if you don't need a quick attach since this is a direct thread only. I didn't shoot it on the 300blk but the 308 sounded good and didn't weight down the gun. Now for the questions everyone wants to know. Yes Silencer Shop will be carrying them and they should be sub $1000 silencers. Dead Air does plan on producing other silencers. First will be rimfire followed by pistol and then 5.56 silencers.  Now for the DB chart.
Date Manufacturer Suppressor Barrel Length 1st Rnd 2nd Rnd 3rd Rnd 4th Rnd 5th Rnd Avg Avg w/o 1st Rnd
.300Blk 10/29/2014 UNSUPPRESSED UNSUPPRESSED 10.5 x x x x x x x
10/29/2014 Dead Air Sandman S 10.5 142 138.8 131.8 134 131.6 135.6 134.1
10/29/2014 Dead Air Sandman L 10.5 129.2 122.6 122.2 122.5 119 123.1 121.6
.308 Win 10/29/2014 UNSUPPRESSED UNSUPPRESSED 24 170 169.8 169.4 169.7 169.6
10/29/2014 Dead Air Sandman L 24 136.8 133.6 137 135.8 135.3
10/29/2014 Dead Air Sandman S 24 147.5 144.5 142.9 145.0 143.7
10/29/2014 Dead Air Sandman Ti 24 138.4 133.9 134.4 135.6 134.2
If you want to see video of the silencers being fired visit our Facebook page at

20 responses to “Dead Air First Impressions”

  1. Ben says:

    Looks awesome. Can we expect to see them at SHOT show? I don’t see them on the current exhibitor list.

    Also, ETA on when we can expect to see them in stock?

    • says:

      They might not be a vendor at Shot but they will be there. We hope to have the product at the end of this year or the first of next.

  2. Brandon says:

    If they come in at $1,000 or below, its going to be a slam dunk.

  3. arturo says:

    Even though I don’t think 41p will be an issue as of just yet…but I hope I can get one of these as soon as I can. The numbers look impressive and since I already have in hand and pending a Specwar762, Ti-Rant 9S, and a Spectre II, I need me some moar cans. I am excited to see what their pistol cans are going to be. I want a 45 cal can next.

  4. Michael says:

    Any idea on the pricing? How will they compare to other major brands?

  5. Mad Scientist says:

    When will you published the videos? Also, when will you be comparing with other cans?

    • says:

      The videos are up on our Facebook page. Once we have some demos we will do more extensive videos comparing it to others on the market.

  6. Gene says:

    I have a to offer a somewhat different opinion here… I was turned off by the M. Pappas remarks… “No compromise suppressors… No corporate bottom lines…”. C’mon. Does anyone think silencerco compromises anywhere ??? They make a premium product and back it up with a no questions asked , here’s a brand new silencer warranty. And the company is big enough u can rely on them being in buisness in 10 years. Also, the decibel numbers on these cans are average. Nothing worth bragging about. The build materials are good, but nothing new. And lastly, does the silencer industry really need yet a-n-o-t-h-e-r manufacturer ? There are more suppressor makers now than car makers. I know the market is growing but really ?

    • Deric says:

      Let’s not forget Pappas was the guy who built Silencerco’s great customer service system so you know that will carry over to the new company. Yeah, they’ve got some great products, but don’t forget those were developed while he was there also.

  7. Rick says:

    When they put the QD on the Ti they will have another winner…

  8. Tim Hasselbach says:

    Being a SOT3, I carry and sell all brands of cans. Silencerco has by far the best service and product I’ve seen. Let’s give Dear Air a chance before knocking them, and yes the more players we have in the market, the better the product and price points.

  9. William Lambert says:

    Are any of these cans full auto rated?

  10. Mike in Michigan says:

    Test post …

  11. Mike in Michigan (Sliencer Doctor) says:

    Silencer Doctor,

    I wanted to take the time here to share some thoughts. First, Silencer Shop is by far the best place to get a can. I have seen dealers in Michigan try to price gouge stuff to unsuspecting customers locally, when they had no idea they can come here for a good deal a good customer service.

    The truth is… no matter what maker’s can you buy, they “all max out” at about 30 db reduction……
    No can maker makes a can that get a 50-60 db reduction.

    So the best advice is to buy from a maker who is known in the industry to have a long… track-record of quality durable stuff made of good materials, which is why I guy Allen Engineering (Formerly Ops Inc). Although Allen Engineering is not sold by Silencer Shop at this time the reputation speaks for itself. That being said…… this post is about Deadair Silencers which look awesome as well sold by Silencer Shop.

    I have been a suppressor guy since the early 80’s , know all the Paulson books, designs, makers, etc blah blah. I hope to see a Tom Denall Destroyer on here some day. Regarding Deadair, I recall the first Silencero Sparrow X-ray vid on youtube a few years ago. Now Pappas is on his own with Deadair. At first I was not sure what to think, but then I have seen Fireman’s NFA Rev. Channel video of these cans, and have been watching his channel for years as well. The Deadair Sandman cans are clearly improved Silencerco Spec War cans since Pappas left Silencerco per my understanding of online info. It takes a lot to get my attention, as I am an Ops Inc (now..Allen Engineering) fan, but the Deadair Sandman cans look totally solid quality stuff made of the stellite with very well thought out engineered brakes and performance on par with all top tier cans for sale today. I would say these are better than the Brittingham-managed Sig cans that just came to market, which is why I like the reflex Ops Inc and Allen Engeering stuff that reflexes back 3-4 inches for robust rigidity and is over 20 years battle proven on rifles such as the MK13 or SPR rifles using Ops Inc 12th Model .223, now called the Allen Engineering AEM5 used by Seals as seen carried by MArk Walberg in “Lone Survivior”.

    Also Silencer Shop is the best site for cans anywhere in the country which is totally devoid of past pro-AAC reviews on can websites from people who run “silencer test websites” and from people who ride the tails of people who started AAC, that only support the crap they are trying to promote for personal reasons.

    Deadair products seem to be as good if not better than AAC, Gemtech, Yankee Hill (Who is vastly underpriced). Yankee Hill makes top quality stuff at the prices cans should sell at fyi..

    Basically, Deadair Sandman cans in my opinion are totally worth buying…. Well engineered out of Stellite, good reduction, an owner who has years of experience, a serviceable mount, excellent performance. When I stop my Allen Engineering Silencer collection…. Deadair Sandman is next.

    Silencer Doctor (Mike Michigan)

  12. Nick says:

    What kind of ammo were used in these tests?

    • says:

      The ammo was provided by Dead Air so I’m not exactly sure the type but it was factory ammo.

  13. Mike says:

    Are there any sound tests running 5.56 through the Sandman S and L models?

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