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Last day for the AAC “Damn the Man” Promotion

DTM Today is the last day for the AAC Damn the Man promotion, every purchase of an Advanced Armament silencer will be eligible for a $200 credit to spend as you wish in Advanced Armaments online store. Order today to make sure you get your $200 credit to the AAC website. That’s a great way to  get any accessories that you’ve been looking for! Muzzle devices, T-Shirts, Parts, Accessories and More!

Click Here for more details.

  Here is a quick list of products we stock that are eligible:

7.62mm Suppressors

5.56mm Suppressors

Pistol Caliber Suppressors

Rimfire Suppressors

Large Bore Suppressors

2 responses to “Last day for the AAC “Damn the Man” Promotion”

  1. says:

    Silencer shop – is this promotion going to continue for 2015? I just went to the Dulles gun show here in Northern VA and actually had dealers telling me to order from you all!! Looking forward to hearing back.

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