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Current Status of eForms

We've spent a lot of time over the last few weeks trying to figure out exactly what the best way is to proceed with eForms being down. The decision is complicated by several factors: 1) If you've been watching our ATF Wait Times page, you'll notice that paper forms have been making a major comeback.  We went from getting approvals from last May up to last August almost overnight - and the times seem to be doing nothing but improving day by day. 2) Even though there are quite a few advantages to using eForms, the one most people are interested in is the increased speed.  Over the last week, it's become increasingly apparent that the NFA Branch doesn't plan to expedite eForms in the same way going forward - so the wait times will be closer to paper forms.  Having said that, it looks like paper wait times will quickly become more reasonable than they were. 200px-US-AlcoholTobaccoFirearmsAndExplosives-Seal.svg_-150x150On this note, keep in mind that many of the forms submitted from mid-October of last year through the time when eForms went down were submitted on paper.  Since most of those eForms have already been approved & cleared out of the system - the paper forms should jump forward in time extremely quickly once they get into processing forms from last October. 3) We don't expect ATF 41P to be implemented - especially not in the near term; but, a lot of customers do have that possibility in mind.  I can almost guarantee that waiting for eForms will not get current applications into the system by June if you're worried about that. Based on everything we're hearing, we are going to change our default recommendation to submit by paper instead of waiting for eForms 2.0.  After weighing all the data, it looks like that is the best way to go at this point.  We'll continue to monitor this situation over the next few weeks and will post as soon as we get more solid data on eForms 2.0 going live. Even with that recommendation, we're not forcing customers one way or the other.  Once we review your submission information, you'll get an email from us asking which way you want to go - and we're happy to wait on eForms if that's what your preference is.  

8 responses to “Current Status of eForms”

  1. says:

    What will it take to switch my EFILE to Form4, I bought a Suppressor 4-1-14

    • Mark Robertson says:

      If your form 4 has already been filed in the eForms system, we would recommend that you do not void it. Even though eForms is not accepting applications for form 4’s or form 3’s, the auditors are still processing approvals for those applications that were accepted into the eforms system before the eForms system went down.

  2. Randy Taylor says:

    It would be nice if they picked up the pace on them. Fortunately, I got the first 2 I ordered from y’all in already. They’re making the wait for the other 2 bearable, for now anyway.

  3. says:

    For items already queued for eForms do you plan on converting them to paper and submitting now, or continuing to keep them for eForms?

    • Dave says:

      After spending quite a bit of time talking to the NFA Branch, we decided that it would probably be best to submit via paper in most cases.

      For existing orders that hadn’t already been submitted, you should have received an email from us giving you the option to either submit now on paper or wait for eForms; and, we defaulted to paper if no response was received within 7 days.

      Keep in mind that all forms that were submitted through eForms are in the system and still being processed normally. The issue is that new forms can’t currently be submitted through that system.

  4. anon says:

    FYI, they’re now accepting Form 1 again.

    • Scully says:

      She is going for it all with this new legislation, that is for sure. This bill must be sepoptd at all costs, to think that law abiding citizens will now have to register with the government and be fingerprinted so that they will be allowed their constitutionally guaranteed right is absurd but that is what she is proposing.Steve Dennis recently posted..

  5. says:

    Wow what a cluster f good old government hassle (harassment).

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