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What a crazy day!

Well, today started out with a power/network outage that basically brought our store to a halt.  It only lasted a couple of hours; but, we were behind on phones and email from the very beginning - and it was made worse by the fact that the network was running at about 10% speed when it did come back... Anyway, the problem is fully resolved now, but we apologize if we missed your call.  We called everybody back who left messages - please try us again tomorrow if you weren't able to get through.

2 responses to “What a crazy day!”

  1. Brandon Brown says:

    How do I get a login for your site to be put on waitlist for suppressors? I have bought from you before but never got a login.

    Also, with the new Silencer Shop Direct for transfers to Oklahoma, is there still 2 wait periods (you to OK dealer and then OK dealer to me) or does it save time? Also, can I choose the dealer you use?


    • Dave says:

      We were having an issue with account creation on the new website; but, that’s been fixed now – so you can create an account using the button at the top of any page.

      Also, Silencer Shop Direct will save a bit of time – but there is still both a Form 3 and a Form 4 transfer involved. We’ll take care of both transfers with this program and will let you know where you can pick the suppressor up.

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