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ATF 41F Is Not The End

July 13, 2016, is a date which will forever live in suppressor lore. On that Wednesday, the much-discussed ATF 41F rule goes into effect, kick-starting a new process for suppressor ownership approval. Because we’ve known this industry-wide change became a reality in early January, we at Silencer Shop embraced the challenge and viewed it as an opportunity to apply technology to the system in a manner that was unavailable before ATF 41F’s enactment.41F Silencer Shop Kiosks Therefore, good news is on the horizon! Instead of wallowing in disapproval, we devised a plan to make the impending new registration process as simple and painless as possible for our valued customers. (Seriously, we love you all.) Next month, 300 Secure Identification Documentation (SID) kiosks will be unveiled nationwide to help streamline and assist the fingerprint, photograph, and paperwork submission procedures associated with cans. In the long run, we believe this new process will make the steps for NFA purchases even less complicated because these units will securely gather and store information across the country. Where exactly will the SID kiosks be located, you ask? We specifically pinpointed Powered By Silencer Shop dealerships in each state suppressors are legal, so hopefully this added convenience benefits you throughout your registration. (Stay tuned for more information regarding the list of dealers.) In addition, the number of participating local dealerships will increase over time, so be on the lookout for the one closest to you! In the meantime, don’t forget to take advantage of our 41F Guarantee. It’s still doable! Since we’re firearm fanatics and suppressor supporters just like you, Silencer Shop strives to make the purchase and ownership of these products as easy and expedient as the government allows. With the implementation of the SID kiosks, we look toward the future and welcome obstacles such as ATF 41F to keep our wits about us. For updates, please continue to follow our social media feeds (e.g., Twitter: @SilencerShop, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) and monitor our website ( We’ll definitely keep you apprised of all progress and newsworthy tidbits, and we thank you for your unrelenting support… We’re in this together.   On a side note, the S.I.D. Kiosks do not currently shoot laser beams out of the camera port... We are working on that though.  

53 responses to “ATF 41F Is Not The End”

  1. areekalaan says:

    Your Kiosk is stupid. Everyone knows you don’t shoot zombies in the CHEST!

    • David smith says:

      Your troll comment is stupid. Everyone knows self resetting targets are awesome. Shoot the zombie at 100 yards and he will stand back up so you can shoot him again. Makes for a fun day at the range. 🙂

    • Tyler Walters says:

      Admittedly, the zombie targeting system took a back seat to all the fancy ATF data entry and fingerprint scanning. We’ll work on the laser’s aiming software next. Thanks for catching that!

  2. nhb says:

    As painless as possible, looking forward to it.

  3. Darren says:

    Can a form 4 transfer from my in-state dealer be started before they receive an approved form 3 transfer from an online dealer such as Trying to beat the Form 41F rule changes…

  4. DaveSS says:

    I ordered an AAC Cyclone from you 3 months ago. I saved $100 by using a Powered by Silencer Shop Dealer and saved $200 on the cost of the silencer. You guys are amazing !

  5. Alock says:

    Silencer Shop’s business strategy, innovation, and customer service is TOPS!!! You all need to be a design thinking business case for the firearms community. You identified a pain point (regulation/paperwork) and created a service (Silencer Shop Tax Stamp Service) to solve the issue for the customer…and it works! As a recent customer, I have to say it doesn’t get any better. Thank you!

  6. DirtyPaw says:

    Hmm, too bad I can’t buy at least one since I can’t afford to purchase many any. Maybe I should sell the wife’s sewing machine and then I could buy several

  7. Joe Schmoe says:

    This is a really clever idea and it’s the kind of thing that sets Silencer Shop apart. However don’t be surprised at how many people will balk at giving anyone access to their fingerprints.

    • says:

      Moving forward if you want to buy a silencer then you will have to be fingerprinted. For now that is just the way it is. I agree some people will not want to do it for that reason.

  8. M Brickey says:

    Well, ain’t you guys just the cat’s meow…!!…Brilliant idea, leading edge thought processes…

  9. TrollShooter says:

    All the members of our NFA Trust are looking forward to the kiosks, and hope that there will be one in north Dallas. I know of many people here that used Silencer Shop for their NFA trust. Will those that purchased their trust through Silencer Shop have free access to the kiosk when making the purchase? If not, what will the charge be.

    Thank you for all your hard work and innovation

    (Troll comments invited, love to see the Id-10-T’s come out of the woodwork committing a Layer 8 error between the Keyboard and the Floor!).

    • says:

      We will have several kiosks in the Dallas area. The kiosk will be free to use at the FFL that you have the silencer sent to. Other FFL’s might charge you a small fee if you did not use them for the transfer. I don’t think that most are planning on charging.

      • BadBrad says:

        Just a thought, if you have renewed a Tx drivers license your fingerprints are already in the system.

        The point about not having to notify ATF when you add a Trustee in the future sounds very interesting. Sounds like I need a new Trust with me as the only Settlor/Trustee and then after I get the suppressors I can add others. Or am I missing something?

        • says:

          No your fingerprints would be in the DPS system not ours or the FBI. You still have to send in fingerprints for the form 4. You can add as many trustees as you like after the paperwork is submitted. Additionally you could remove the trustees from the trust, file the paperwork and then add them back.

        • BadBrad says:

          Ahh ha, good point on the different databases. They probably share info anyway. Thanks for the clarification here and in other replies about removing & adding trustees during the process. I made three different purchases through you guys before the deadline, with one being completed and supressors in hand. They are awesome!! Other two are in the works, but I expect them to be as smooth as the first. ***** Excellent customer service. ******
          I can only wish for the same level of service from other businesses.

      • Chris says:

        Glad to hear that they will be available in Dallas, I Had planned on buying a couple before the rule goes into effect, however, my dog became sick, and the vet got my money first. I was really disappointed that I would have to jump through many many hoops to get the toys I want, but the kiosk is a brilliant idea. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and the government definitely knows how to govern you into oblivion and force you to adapt to ignorance.

      • YJC says:

        Will I be able to use this kiosk if I didn’t buy stuff from you guys, i.e. transferring an SBR? Will the fees for using this kiosk be determined by the FFL who owns it? thank you.

        • says:

          Yes the FFL can use it for their own inventory. The FFL can charge a fee if they choose but since it is there product they are selling it doesn’t make sense for them to charge.

          • Jim D says:

            Really glad to see you’re eventually going to make the system available for Form 1 users!

          • says:

            It’s been a long time coming. With 41F this gives us the ability to deploy the kiosks and help people with the form 1. Stay tuned for more info. Currently we do not have an ETA.

      • Shaminy says:

        I can’t wait for more information about these kiosks, especially in Connecticut. I dragged my feet and missed the deadline so I’m looking forward this solution.

  10. Dusty says:

    Any plans to make these kiosks available for use on Form 1s as well?

    • says:

      Yes but that will be down the line. It is one of the first things that we are working on but won’t be available at launch.

  11. George says:

    Will the Kiosks be available to all “Powered by Silencer Shop” dealers or only a select few in a given area? I really like the idea, and as a proud PBSS dealer it would kill me to lose the business because another dealer on the other side of the state sells more silencers through the program than I do.

    • says:

      It is going out to 300 to start with. For the initial kiosks the FFL had to have a store front. An email was sent to all the FFL’s to ask if they had a store front. From there an email was sent to everyone with a store front to offer them the kiosk.

  12. Scott says:

    What shops in the Phoenix area will be the first ones to get a kiosk?

  13. KShooter says:

    Will we be able to use these kiosks when filing a form1 or are these only for silencer shop purchases?

  14. Jonathan says:

    Any list of shops that are definitely getting a kiosk? I’m looking for one close to Lafayette, IN.

  15. Markus Williamson says:

    This is not good…..memories of the former DDR, their idiology, come too mind. I know they got files on me now….but this is biometric data we are talking about here….WOW!

  16. Jim says:

    So, if my dealer doesn’t have a store front, and therefore no kiosk, do I buy at my regular dealer and then go to another dealer to use the kiosk? Sounds like that would be awkward.

    • says:

      That is correct. You can use any dealer that has a kiosk. It doesn’t have to be your FFL that you purchased from.

  17. Ben says:

    I appreciate the effort you have taken to make this transition easier but while I enjoy using suppressors (to help save my hearing) I absolutely REFUSE to submit fingerprints, photos, and the other data in order to enjoy our God given rights. Being treated like a criminal because we exercise our right is insulting and unconstitutional. As the state continues to steal our rights and liberties we should not seek to make the loss of such more comfortable but we should fight it every step of the way. our forefathers did not look for better ways to appease the English, did they?

  18. Trav says:

    Any idea if we will be getting a kiosk in Juneau Ak?

    • says:

      Not in the first wave but hopefully in the second. You can still do ink fingerprints and mail them to us. If you do that then we scan them in and keep them on file. So it is like you visited a kiosk.

  19. Josh says:

    So with 41F in place now, how does the process with online purchase work?

    Purchase is made online then Questionnaire, (1) Passport photo, (2) finger print cards are mailed to your location? Meanwhile you handle Form 4?

    Check clears, Form approved and item ships to selected dealer?

    • says:

      Very close. There is a lot of information to post so check out this link and it will walk you through it and answer any questions.

  20. Kevin says:

    When will a listing on who will be getting a kiosk be published?

    • says:

      You can see the FFL’s that are getting kiosks on the product page or dealer locator page. It shows a blue finger print beside their name.

  21. Sam says:

    I read an article the other day debating whether or not BATFE would accept prints from the kiosk. Has Silencer Shop received any guidance or confirmation from BATFE on the issue? Thank you!

    • says:

      We print out the fingerprint cards on an FBI approved printer. So there is no issue with them accepting them. Thanks for asking.

  22. Sgt. Sean says:

    After reading the 5320.23, All i see is now not only are the Feds keeping and tracking who owns what but now the local Gov. will now have the information. I am a Retired Deputy and its none of my former bosses knowing what i have in my safe and what I shoot. I really pray that this election will change in our behalf.

    Now a question. My prints are in the FBI database and will be until I no longer able to carry as a retired LEO. Which for me is still two years away. I actually would have no problem with the Feds if they did not charge us 200 freaking dollars. As they can barely find their rear end without GPS and a troupe of Boy scouts helping them.

    This is truly aggravating as a law biding citizen, and veteran to have to do just so I can save what is left of my hearing. (Lord knows, I can’t go to the V.A. for my hearing loss.) I think we should have a 10 million man march on D.C. with all of us wearing hearing aides to prove a point.

    Sorry for the rant, I am just frustrated and I already own 2 suppressors. I just want 3 more so I do not have to switch them every time.

  23. Reid Snider says:

    I can’t find where any of your kiosks are located I live in Houston, TX 77007

  24. Jackie Thiede says:

    I am in the system for my ccp. Can my fingerprints work from that? No kiosks in Ironwood Michigan and I sent my prints in a couple weeks now and you did not get them yet. I even used the cards & envelope I bought from you!!!!

    • says:

      No we cannot use prints in another system. That is actually against the law. If we didn’t get the prints that you mailed us then the post must have lost them. We can send you another set of cards if you contact us.

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