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AAC 16″ MPW Rifles in Stock!

Have you been looking for one of the new AAC MPW rifles to try out the .300 BLK cartridge?  If so, this is your chance to pick one up for an unbeatable price! These are the brand new 16" MPW rifles that use the modular KAC rail system as shown in this picture. On top of the new rail, you get a Geissele trigger, PMAG, and a CTR stock and MOE grip.  This really is an impossible to beat rifle - and it's one of the most fun combinations I've ever shot! We are currently marking these rifles down to only $1499, so be sure to check them out!

2 responses to “AAC 16″ MPW Rifles in Stock!”

  1. Blake says:

    Hey I was wondering if y’all had the AAC mpw rifle in stock thanks

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