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.308 through …. an M4-2000?

Well, it was bound to happen eventually; but, we finally made the mistake of shooting full-power .308 ammo through an AAC M4-2000 suppressor a few days ago. I will admit that I’ve always been a bit curious about what the result of that combination would be – and we were fortunate enough to have both a sound meter & video running. icon smile .308 through .... an M4 2000? The first data point is that the sound reduction was pretty impressive – inline with other top-of-the-line .308 suppressors.  In this case, we were getting results less than 135 dB – which really pushes home the fact that a tighter bore suppressor will typically perform better with less volume. All suppressors use a bore that is slightly larger than the bullet to compensate for threads that aren’t 100% concentric.  In this  case, we were able to fire .308 through the suppressor without any type of strike in the suppressor – but that was just a lucky break. An M4-2000 really can’t support the pressure of a .308.  As the attached picture shows, the endcap bulged out a bit where the .308 bullet exited. Anyway, as always, we’re here to make the mistakes so you won’t have to! If you’re interested in how .308 performs through a suppressor that was meant to handle it – be sure to check out this video:

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