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2nd Annual Texas Law Enforcement Multigun Championship

This past Saturday Silencer Shop was the title sponsor at the 2nd Annual Texas Law Enforcement Multigun Championship. The event took place at Best of the West in Liberty Hill Texas and hosted over 100 shooters. Different agencies from across the country were represented including Border Patrol, ATF, and various other police departments from other states. The event lasted from 8-5 with seven different stages of fire. The groups were split up and competed throughout the day in 3 different divisions:
  • Tac-Optics: Rifles may have magnified optics.
  • Limited: Red dots or iron sights only.
  • Tactical: Red Dot / iron sights on your rifle and you must wear rifle rated plates for the duration of the match.
Silencer Shop Scenarios were set up for each stage:
  1. You respond to a Robbery Alarm at a bank and take a covered position outside.
  2. While on patrol in an Afghan village, your squad is ambushed by Taliban fighters who have mixed themselves within the village’s population and homes.
  3. While providing security for a checkpoint from an over watch position, you observe a suspicious vehicle accelerate toward military personnel after they fired a warning shot. You must engage the driver with the precision rifle, despite the use of women and children as shields.
  4. While on patrol you respond to an active shooter in the library of an elementary school in your district. Knowing that the school’s exterior door to the library is always locked, you grab your patrol shotgun to breach the door. Hearing gunshots from inside the library as you approach, you decide to breech the door and perform a single man entry.
  5. You respond to a disturbance with a weapon at a construction site. The call states that a group of workers recently fired for theft have returned to the site armed and taken employees hostage. As you approach an unoccupied construction trailer to take a concealed position inside as part of the perimeter, you begin taking fire from the suspects as they were unknowingly attempting to flee with several hostages.
  6. After making a traffic stop, a fellow officer announces shots fired over the air. As you approach the scene, you observe the officer injured in the vehicle and a crowd of armed and unarmed subjects approaching his vehicle. You started to approach the scene on foot from a covered position when you start taking fire from subjects across the street from the injured officer then from the armed members of the crowd who are also firing at the injured officer.
  7. After responding to a large gang fight at an apartment complex, a fellow officer broadcasts an “officer needs assistance” over the air. As you approach the apartment complex courtyard, you observe the officer on the ground holding what appears to be a gunshot wound on his leg. You grab your medical kit and approach the officer to assist. As you approach, you start taking fire from armed gang members from around the perimeter of the courtyard.
Shoot house The stages were fast pace an involved shooting from multiple positions at various distances. Watching the event it became apartment very quickly that everyone was taking the match seriously and using it as a training opportunity. I talked with Jason Hallmark one of the event coordinators and member of the Austin PD Marksmanship Team and asked him about how the event got started and what the goals for forming the event were. Jason said “When we were looking at the skill set of the average officer back in 2011 we noticed that they didn’t have enough opportunities to train with their firearms. These are people carry firearms daily and need more opportunities to train. We looked at ways that we could get them more involved, engaged and have more opportunities to shoot.” So in 2013 with other officers from the Austin Police Department the Texas Law Enforcement Multigun Championship was started with the goal “To Promote Firearms Safety and Proficiency of Austin Police Officers through competition based training and events, promote the education and use of the S&W M&P Pistol, provide recruiting opportunities, promote public relations with other law enforcement agencies and the general public, and to enhance the overall Marksmanship Training Program of our Department.” Silencer Shop had a demo bay showcasing rifle, pistol and shotgun silencers for spectators and competitors to test. Several people that tested our silencers had shot pistol and rifle silencers before but no one had shot the new SilencerCo Salvo 12. The first commercially viable shotgun silencer proved to be the major attraction. Officers from all over the country got to experience the Salvo 12 for themselves. As usual it produced the “Silencer Shop Smile” that no one could resist after shooting it. Salvo 12 It was a great event and Silencer Shop was proud to be a sponsor. Also congratulations to the winners in all divisions. We are looking forward to next year.

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