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TX Residents – We can mail silencers to your house!

For Texas residents, we can handle the entire registration process, including all the paperwork, through the mail using our simple process.  We know Texas is a big state, so there is no need to come in to purchase the suppressor in person.  Once the approval arrives from the ATF, we can even mail the suppressor directly to your house! To make it even better, we don't charge any extra shipping fees if you want to take advantage of our mailing option! If you live outside of Texas, you can easily by a suppressor from us - and we will transfer it to an FFL/SOT (i.e. Class 3) license holder in your area.  Stay tuned for an FFL finder application that we'll be posting to our website soon!  Until then, feel free to contact us if you need help locating an FFL. In either case, feel free to browse our suppressors and take advantage of our excellent service and low prices on today's top suppressor brands!  

2 responses to “TX Residents – We can mail silencers to your house!”

  1. Chris Alfano says:

    Hey… just ordered the Griffin Optimus and a Tax Stamp from you guys… Was wondering if I could take advantage of this shipping option? It would be nice to avoid having to work through an FFL dealer.

    My order confirmation # is: 2111312

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