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Large Bore Silencers: More Versatile Than You May Have Thought

Large Bore CategoryTo continue our silencer category discussion, we hone in on the big boys of the can world: large bore rifle suppressors. Although this classification is more concise than the others, the available options are undoubtedly effective and extra durable.

If in the market for a large bore unit, Silencer Shop is here to help you make the most informed silencer purchase possible for your high caliber firearm(s).

Large Bore Overview

As large bore shooters can confirm, decibel levels of higher caliber guns (e.g., .338, .458, .50) are definitely more intense than their counterparts. To ensure a hearing-safe (or as close as possible) firing experience, large bore silencers offer significantly reduced sound levels while still providing accurate results.

With the obvious need to suppress the amplified sound of heavy-duty rifles, the large bore group of silencers is vital to protect shooters’ hearing and enhance communication capabilities.

Key Large Bore Features

Scientifically, large bore firearms are classified as “any projectile weapon with a bore diameter greater than 1/2 inch (.50 cal, 12.7 mm), excluding shotguns generally recognized as particularly suitable for sporting purposes.” In other words, large bore rifles are heavy-duty guns that need heavy-duty silencers able to withstand a beating.  We at Silencer Shop classify anything bigger than a .30 cal projectile (.308Win, .300Win Mag, etc.) to be a “Large Bore” Silencer.

Historically, suppressors in this category have been avoided by avid firearm enthusiasts because the overall builds of the units tend to be cumbersome. However, the added length/weight of large bore can designs is necessary to handle this type of weaponry. To that point, the use of these silencers assists in balancing a larger/heavier rifle while in action. This benefit leads to improved accuracy at the target.

When shooting a large bore firearm, there are two chief concerns: dust and noise. By utilizing a silencer, the dust signature is instantly minimalized, which is a major perk for military and law enforcement personnel. Moreover, employing a sturdy silencer onto the rifle certainly helps suppress the powerful sound signature created by each cycled round.

With a select (but mixed) range of cans to choose from, a high caliber silencer is recommended for your next bear hunt or gun range visit.  Don’t let the larger size of these products turn you off either, many of these silencers are more effective at suppressing a .308 than many dedicated silencers.

Popular Large Bore Silencers

Although the number of large bore cans is relatively less extensive, each model undeniably guarantees a quieter and more effective shooting experience. A few units that stand out to us include:

However, be sure to consider our full list of large bore rifle silencers… One (or more) is bound to meet your purpose. As a heads-up, comparing suppressors is a helpful way to find your ideal unit, and utilizing the compare feature while searching is definitely a beneficial step to your next silencer purchase.

Large Bore Summation

The large bore category of suppressors is a smaller classification that provides significant sound reduction to high caliber firearms. What the overall number of cans lacks, the individual units make up for (and then some).

To meet and exceed your needs, this class offers several effective options, so finding your perfect large bore silencer is just a few mouse clicks away. And remember, Silencer Shop is available to answer any questions that might come to mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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