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John Carter Visits Silencer Shop


Congressman John Carter (TX-31) was out visiting local businesses in his district and stopped by Silencer Shop.

Rep. Carter is a gun rights advocate with an A rating from NRA. He asked us to tell him more about silencers, so we invited Rep. Carter and his staff to join us at local gun range. They learned first-hand what a difference silencers make for hearing protection and better weapon control. The congressman and his staff shot a variety of handguns and rifles with a range of suppressors we carry at Silencer Shop.


Rep. Carter enjoyed the hands-on demonstration, and afterword we gave the congressman a tour of the shop, telling about the wide variety and uses of the silencers that we carry.


Everyone left with a better understanding of how silencers can make shooting sports more enjoyable.


2 Responses to “John Carter Visits Silencer Shop”

  1. Michael says:

    It’s good to see one of our elected representatives take the time to visit a firearms-related store and have an opportunity to learn about the real benefits of firearms suppression devices. Hopefully one day we can be like Europe, at least from the standpoint of their intelligent approach to the sale and use of suppressors to protect our hearing and to allow shooters to be a better neighbor to those around them.

  2. Justin says:

    Any elected official that’s for gun control or against gun control that takes the time to visit a local gun store/range and actually try the firearms or firearm devices….well that’s someone I can tip my hat to.
    It’s only when you actually see with your own eyes and participate with your fellow citizen that you can make informed, objective, and logical decisions which are unbiased. If you have never driven, rode in, or touched a automobile you would probably have a false bias against automobiles for all the accidents, death, destruction, and crimes committed with them. Though we all know that they also provide a lot of good and connivance. Thus out weighing the statistically higher abuses committed with an automobile then a constitutionally guaranteed right.

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